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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2: Reichenbach



Last week’s premier was pretty great, even though admittedly I felt a tiny bit cheated as far as seeing Dean as a demon. This week’s episode, however, gave me everything I was hoping for and then some!

The episode started off with a little back story from Cole. He tells Sam that back in 2003, Dean killed Cole’s father. There was a flashback of young Cole finding his father lying on the floor, all bloody and obviously, dead. Young Cole looks up to see Dean enter the room holding a bloody knife. End of flashback. I have no idea what actually happened since this took place before the show even began. Was Cole’s father a demon or a monster of some sort Dean had been hunting back then? I can’t say it makes much sense to me. First of all I don’t recall ever seeing the Winchesters leaving a slaughtered body lying around for a kid to find. Secondly, I can’t imagine Dean ever being so careless as to actually get caught by a kid, let alone leave the poor kid without any explanation. It just doesn’t sit well with me, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough what actually went down in 2003.  Cole tells Sam why he’s after his brother, and pleads with him to give up Dean’s whereabouts. When that fails, Cole goes straight to beating the living crap out of Sam. Interrupted by a phone call, Cole momentarily steps outside, which was long enough for Sam to “Winchester” himself free of his restraints and escape.

Sam calls Castiel and finally tells him that Dean is a demon.  Since Hannah is still with Cass, she decides to tag along on the road trip to go find Dean. I have to say I was a little skeptical at first by her decision to go with Castiel. I mean, just last season Hannah had pretty clearly expressed her disdain for the Winchesters when she more or less gave Cass an ultimatum of  basically saying “kill Dean or we angels are going to side with Metatron.”  However, Hannah scored a few points in my book when she healed Castiel’s knife wound. Unfortunately, Cass is extremely weak and ends up crashing their car. For whatever reason, Hannah is now TEAM CASS. She goes to see Metatron in order to try and get Cass’s grace back before he dies. Metatron tries to bargain with her, saying he’ll return Castiel’s grace to him if Hanna lets him loose from his eternal prison, swearing he’ll disappear forever. Of course that would have been far too simple, because Cass has figured out Hannah’s intentions and shows up just in time to make sure this deal doesn’t happen. Ugh, Why Cass, why?? Now, not only does he still not have his grace back, but he’s managed to piss off Metatron, who promises that when he does finally get free everyone dies.


Poor Crowley is having a difficult time keeping his new best buddy in check. He tries to have a talk with Dean about how the Mark of Cain has changed him, and how now matter what, Dean needs to kill to keep the Mark sated. Crowley then offers Dean a job, more or less. There’s a man who made a deal with Crowley to kill his cheating wife in exchange for his soul. Thinking he can kill two birds with one stone, Crowley suggests Dean be the one to off the man’s wife. Only, Dean ends up deciding to kill the husband instead. The creepy, pleased smile on Dean’s face when he killed the husband was just so frikken evil, it  gave me a really good look at just how twisted Dean has now become. Finally! He’s acting like a demon! When Crowley finds out that Dean killed the man with the soul he was meant to claim, he seems to begin to realize that keeping Dean on a leash is going to be near impossible.  So, Crowley being the traitorous, self-serving demon he is, calls up Sam and offers a trade. He’ll tell Sam where Dean is as long as he gets the First Blade. There is obviously going to be a reason he wants it so badly, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Sam catches up with Dean and earnestly says he’s there to take him home and make everything right again. It turns out that Cole has been following Sam (he must be getting sloppy), who inadvertently led him straight to his big brother. Cole, finally having his shot to avenge his father, ends up getting his ass royally kicked by Dean, who doesn’t kill him as I might’ve expected. Sam manages to douse his brother with holy water and gets the demon shackles on him. At this point I’m confused again as to what exactly Dean is. Human or demon?  Dean can flash his eyes from normal to black on a whim, the holy water made him sizzle, and the demon shackles have him contained. Yet, he’s still Dean. Again, I’m guessing it all has to do with the Mark.

While in the Metallicar, Sam tells his brother he can save him. He must have some good left in him since he left Cole to live. Dean says what he did was the polar opposite of mercy. Letting Cole live after years and years of training and planning to kill the man who killed his father, only to get his tail whipped like a little girl, was the cruelest thing he could have possibly done. Dean then promises to show Sam the same kindness when he gets free.

I’m left wondering if Sam can really keep Dean in those demon chains after all. I have a feeling that Dean is just letting Sam think he’s got the upper hand, only to end up toying with him and making Sam’s life a living hell. To see Dean so twisted and cruel, and enjoying it is so unreal. I’m absolutely loving every minute of it, though! I’m positively hooked, and can’t wait for episode 3!

My Review: 5/5

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