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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3: Soul Survivor


I knew going into this episode of Supernatural that it would be the last episode with demon Dean. Considering last week’s ass-kicking episode, I was prepared to be blown away. The promos all week leading up to episode 3 showed Dean all crazy, stalking Sam (with a hammer) throughout the bunker. However, that crazy, stalking scene ended up taking all of 5 minutes!

The episode began with Sam pretending to be a doctor, and a priest praying over bags and containers of human blood. I wonder what the heck Sam had to say to the priest to get him to pray over all the blood? Anyway, Sam brings the now sanctified blood back to the bunker to inject into Dean. Like I said before, I figured he’d use pure blood to cure his big brother…only I was mistaken in that Sam used the blood of strangers rather than his own. Sam still has Dean shackled and bound by sigils while he is strapped in the center of a devil’s trap. Sam begins injecting Dean with the sanctified blood, which only pisses Dean off, and seems to bring him extreme pain. In between the injections, Dean just runs off at the mouth…calling himself a demon then saying he’s not, taunting Sam, making fun of their never-ending hunting. It seemed to get to Sam, but for the most part he took it like a champ.

deancassAs for Castiel, Hannah begins to notice he doesn’t have much longer to live. For a moment there, I actually thought Hanna was going to give up her grace to save Cass. However, it was CROWLEY who saved Cass!!  Crowley arrives just in time to slit Adina’s throat & steal her grace, and then gives it to Cass, saying that ever since Dean has become a demon, he’s had noting but problems with him. I can’t say how awesome it was to see Cass have his mojo back!!

At one point, Sam begins to fear that he’s killing his brother, and he steps out to call Cass for some advice. When he returns to the room he was holding Dean in, he finds the chair empty! (He really should have seen that coming). Now comes the part I’ve been waiting for!! Dean finds himself a hammer and starts stalking Sam throughout the bunker. When they finally meet up, Sam manages to get a knife to Dean’s throat. HOW? I mean, I understand that the demon cure has weakened him enough to the point that he was able to escape the shackles, the devil’s trap, and all the sigils, but he’s still technically a demon! So how the hell was Sam able to get that knife to his throat?  No idea. Almost immediately Cass shows up and grabs Dean from behind, rendering him powerless. The next thing I see is Cass and Sam giving Dean another injection, until finally, demon-free Dean opens his eyes. So at this point, everything is peachy.

There was no mention of Cole this episode, though I’m certain we’ll see him again.  And then there’s the Mark of Cain that’s still branded on Dean’s forearm. What will they do about that? Seriously, The Mark is what got him in this position to begin with.  Maybe Castiel can heal him? It’s unlikely, but I’m sure that more chaos is to come because of that damn Mark of Cain!! I guess for now, until next week, anyway, I’ll go along with everything. I still have so many questions, but that’s part of the fun!

My Rating: 3.5/5

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