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SuperSunday: 2/19/17 in Superman


It’s SuperSunday, everyone!  Time to celebrate with some new Superman reviews!  Here are my thoughts on this week’s releases:


Justice League #15 – My Rating: 4/5

Superman #17 – My Rating: 5/5

Super Sons #1 – My Rating: 5/5

Trinity #6 – My Rating: 4/5

Supergirl 2.12: “Luthors” – My Rating: 4.5/5

Powerless 1.3: “Sinking Day”- My Rating: 4/5


…and my pick of the week is…  SUPER SONS!!!


As I said yesterday, Super Sons is just what DC needs right now.  It’s the perfect mixture of what comics once were, what they currently should be, and what they can be again.  And then there are the other Superman releases… which are all pretty damn great.  What are your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments section or on social media and we’ll chat.  See you next weekend for another Superman-filled installment of SuperSunday!

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