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SuperSunday: Superman in August of 2016


Happy SuperSunday, Superman fans!  I’m back from a long hiatus and SuperSunday is now monthly!  I hope you’re enjoying Rebirth as much as I am.  I loved the New 52 (reluctantly, at first, I’ll be the first to admit), but there was something just kind of missing.  And that something was really a someone.  Superman.  But now the New 52 Superman is dead… and the character and his supporting cast (and creative teams) are back and better than ever!  Here are my thoughts on this month’s Superman-related releases:


Bloodlines #5 (of 6) – My Rating: 3.5/5

Justice League #2 – My Rating: 5/5

Superman #4 – My Rating: 5/5

DC Comics Bombshells #16 – My Rating: 3.5/5

Suicide Squad (Movie) – My Rating: 5/5


Earth 2: Society #15 – My Rating: 3/5

Action Comics #961 – My Rating: 5/5

New Super-Man #2 – My Rating: 4/5

Superwoman #1 – My Rating: 5/5


Aquaman #5 – My Rating: 4/5

Batman #5 – My Rating: 5/5

Justice League #3 – My Rating: 4/5

Superman #5 – My Rating: 5/5

Supergirl: Rebirth #1 (One-Shot) – My Rating: 5/5


Action Comics #962 – My Rating: 5/5


…and my pick of the month is…  SUPERMAN!!!


Go see Suicide Squad.  Go add the Superman books back to your pull list.  And enjoy Rebirth while it’s still strong and maybe (just maybe) they’ll keep these books going with their same respective creative teams.  I haven’t enjoyed Superman this much since the early 2000s (and I’ll readily admit that the Dan Jurgens era of Superman is what brought me into comics in the first place, so I’m as happy as can be right now).  See you next month for another thrilling installment of SuperSunday!

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