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SyFy Lineup Changes Could Mean Return of Awesome TV


There was a time when SyFy used to be known for great science fiction. Lately they have strayed from their roots to more conventional programming. This could all be changing this fall.

Syfy has announced three new shows, with the first one starting in June. Z Nation, Ascension, and Dominion, have all been announced and have some interesting premises that we wanted to share with you. We also have a trailer for two of the shows.

SyFyZ NationMany of you may say, do we really need another zombie show? I would say, give it a chance because this sounds interesting. From the production company behind Sharknado and executive produced by Karl Shaefer, whose other shows include Eerie Indiana, The Dead Zone, and a personal favorite of mine, Eureka. The show focuses on a group of people transporting the only known survivor of the zombie plague to the last functioning lab in the country in order to formulate a cure for mankind. Sounds like there is bound to be action, intrigue, and zombies, so a cool combination for an interesting show. We will have more news to follow. Due out in the Fall of 2014.

SyFyDominion – This looks like a very cool show. While not exactly sci-fi, it more borders on the supernatural fare that is still a welcome addition to the SyFy lineup. This show is set in a world after a war between the angels and humanity called “The Extinction War”. In this war, the archangel, Michael, chose to fight for humanity instead of against it and this series is dealing with the fallout of that choice, 25 years later. For those of you who are movie buffs, this is actually a TV sequel to the movie Legion from 2010 starring Paul Bettany. Angels, demons, humans, it all sounds like a recipe for some cool supernatural destruction. Check out the trailer below. this show is scheduled out June 12, 2014.

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SyFyAscension – Finally, the big return to the roots of what made SyFy great back when it was the Sci-Fi Channel, Ascension promises a space based series that has some very intriguing aspects. Although not due out till November 2014, this is one that I am really looking forward to. The trailer shows us a society stuck in the early 1960’s culture and dress and yet hints at a more advanced technology. The voice over of JFK talking about space and the text on the screen tells us that in 1963 a program was created to save humanity. After traveling for 50 years, it seems that maybe things are starting to unravel for these space explorers. It looks like it has some scares and thrills, and we can only hope there will be some cool aliens, as well, but none of that in the trailer. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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What do you think? Does this sound like a breath of fresh air from a channel that has maybe provided some less than stellar sci-fi programming in the past few years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for all the news we can get on these and other great shows.

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