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T.I.T.S Transmigrant Interdimensional Taxicab Service 1 – 4 Review


Script, Letters, and Created by Colton and Casey Sorrels
Art and Logo by David Gunawan
Colors by Eve Amador
Background Art for Credits by Zoran Jankovic

For those of you that don’t know I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter. I really enjoy helping creators and seeing these projects come to life. I feel like the route of supporting indie Kickstarter’s is a duty to those that enjoy indie comics because for many in the comic book game it’s simply too hard to get a project off the ground without help with funding. Funding can be tricky but Kickstarter helps the creators keep it all in line and gives them a platform to reach people like myself who might not otherwise know about them. T.I.T.S. is a project I’ve been with since the beginning and I’m very happy to say that the fourth issue is currently funded on Kickstarter and nearing the end so issue four is for sure becoming reality. The time for T.I.T.S. fourth Kickstarter is coming to an end and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at it.

T.I.T.S. is most definitely a grown up comic, it delves into all the fun adult things; sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and all other fun stuff in life. Don’t get me wrong, just because T.I.T.S. is for grown ups doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun to read and well written; the dialog generally leans towards funny, and the characters all bring something to the dynamic. There are three main characters as well as the main villain but the three protagonists are where the story is centered around. Blotter and Skitz Skatz are a hapless duo of party animal Taxi drivers and they provide the majority of the comedy as they haplessly stumble their way through interdimensional cab driving. Blotter is a cross between Freddie Mercury’s looks and Jerry Garcia’s appetite for drugs while his sidekick Skitz Skatz is a talking cat. Yeah, they had me at talking cat too. But no adult comic is complete without a scantily clad woman, enter Staria. Staria is everything a grown man wants in a woman, she’s not only sexy as hell, she is one BA cop that hands out ass whippings like halloween candy. Staria is literally every single stereotype of a woman, good and bad, all wrapped into one, and I feel like that was done on purpose. She is busty and overly sexualized but she is also extreme intelligent and can kick some serious butt. I actually really enjoy Staria’s complexity as a character, she is human and has depth that is hidden behind the stereotypical comic book feel. So far, from the first four issues, I can say that the world is vast because it’s a sci-fi setting with interdimensional travel but since it all takes place in Seattle (my hometown area), it doesn’t get too crazy with aliens or space ships and the alike. So far Blotter and Skitz Skatz haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Staria but I’m sure in future issues they will make for quite the trio. From the beginning all of the characters are compelling in their own ways but now that issue four is at the end I can see where they’re all starting to converge together and the plot of the first arc is finally starting to come together. I can’t wait to see the vastness of this universe and I really want to see these three team up!

The art of T.I.T.S. is marvelous to say the least, Gunawan’s art is certainly something I wouldn’t sleep on, especially the anatomy and the people. All of the characters have a unique feel, even the throwaway characters, but where Gunawan really shines is with the female anatomy. Gunawan makes woman with perfect bodies and amazing boobs, like I said, this comic is for adults. The colors provided by Amador are a perfect match for Gunawan’s art style. I can say that for sure because I bought the physical copies as well and the colors pop just as much on the physical page as they do on the laptop. Colton and Casey Sorrels save a little time and money by lettering these books themselves and it seemed to be a great move because the lettering is flawless, perfect dialog bubbles that very in spots per person talking and a lot of the captions are done differently too. Overall everything related to the art is some of the best stuff I have seen, particularly within the indie comic community.

T.I.T.S issue four is nearing the end but maybe you can get in on this before issue five is on Kickstarter. Give their Facebook page a look and keep up on all things Interdimensional Taxi Cab Service!

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