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TCBD Dead Talk: S06E05 Plus Negan Revealed!


Every week, Two Comic Booked Dudes get together and talk about the latest episode of The Walking Dead. This week’s episode was called “Now” and had some real bite to it. Still no real news about Glenn, but we saw the threads holding the people of Alexandria together beginning to fray. Check out latest video and then scroll down for some awesome TWD news that is hot off the presses.

[youtube id=”3dBPovs_arM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The real news of this week is that AMC has officially announced that the role of Negan has been cast.

negan Jefferey Dean Morgan, no stranger to comic book roles, is slated to play Negan, with his first appearance rumored to be in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Morgan has played The Comedian in the movie version of the iconic comic series Watchmen and is slated to play Thomas Wayne in the upcoming superhero blockbuster Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. And, most people forget his role in The Losers, an amazing movie about a a group of disavowed government agents out for revenge.

neganLet us know what you think. Can he pull it off? He has had some great roles, including a part on Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife, Supernatural, and several movies such as P.S. I Love You, The Accidental Husband, and another comic book movie, Jonah Hex. Let us know your thoughts. Also, check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so you will never miss another episode of TCBD Dead Talk.

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