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Television’s New Supergirl?


In case you have been living under a rock……….okay maybe I am more interested than most of you all ;b …………..DC Comics & CBS are in the planning stages of a new ‘Supergirl’ television series.

Excuse me while I squeal in joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Today Claire Holt was announced as the front runner for Kara Zor-el. The 26 year old Australian has portrayed such roles as Rebekah (‘Vampire Diaries’), Samara Cooke (‘Pretty Little Liars’), Chastity Meyer (‘Mean Girls 2’) & Emma Gilbert (‘H2O: Just Add Water’). She does bare a resemblance to both Laura Vandervoort & Helen Slater but i was picturing a younger actress……….not to say that she is old but certainly not 16 or 17.

Not a bad choice for me……..any differing opinions? 🙂

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