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Teslacon 6 – Wild West Steampunk Gallery #1


Teslacon 6, The Wild, Wild West was a full immersion steampunk convention that commenced as it does every year, on time and in time (the wild wild west era that is).  The Madison Marriott West turned into Rusty Gear Gulch this November, a town alive and bustling with activity.

(A full immersion event allows attendees to fully experience the themed story and it’s time period throughout the convention. Teslacon uses “layers of immersion” and creates believability, taking immersion to a whole new level.)

The town was filled with exciting events including a fascinating acrobatic circus, gun fights, a cotillion, hoe-down, tea duels, new fangled photo snapping happened in the streets, steampunk panels abounded, mechanical man carriage rides in the streets and the Irish Pope stopped by to bless the town on his journey from far away lands.

Teslacon coordinator, creator and Prime Minister, Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins III wrangled, wrestled and ring led the wild, wonderful west that was called Teslacon this year. He initially came in search of the new Tesla-coil operation and a much needed vacation, but ended up hosting a tea, attending a family barbecue, viewing a full fledged circus, a wild west fashion show and dancing at the town cotillion.

This convention historically wins multiple awards for it’s delicate and detailed handling of every facet and variation of steampunk immersion, costuming, entertainment and never-ending exciting experiences for attendees every year.

Approximately 1,500 folks attend panels, tea duels, partake from a fully functioning tea room and brilliantly choreographed daily activities over the entire weekend. Fabulous experiences are planned every year to keep participants enthralled, amazed and coming back next year with high hopes to catch a photo with Lord Bobbins himself!

Next year Teslacon will be held in Paris, France (the Madison, WI Marriott West will be transformed and transported back in time to 1886). The 2016 Teslacon will be La Grande Exposition Scientifique: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist’s World Conference. Teslacon 7 will be held November 18-20th, 2016 and expectations of Sherlock Holmes attending in many disguises is not only exciting but also a challenge as the game will be afoot. Abney Park, a Post Apocolyptic steampunk band will make their Teslacon debut at the convention next year, very exciting!

This convention is amazing and such a fascinating combination of steampunk genres, ages, interests and costuming, it is not to be missed. The 2015 Wild West steampunk was surrounded by Beetlejuice, Marvel and DC Comic characters, railroad cars, historical figures, an Irish Pope and so many others – it was fabulous!

There is something for everyone and everyone has fun. The event gets 4.7 thumbs up out of 5 and plan ahead if you want to attend, tickets go fast and are limited due to space, event room size and need to keep attendees experience feeling fully immersed.

Photographer Dustin Hawkins of Retro Hawkins Productions, created a fabulous gallery, the best of the best snaps are below!

Teslacon, group 3-13_original

Teslacon, group 2-7_original

Teslacon, group 2-6_original

Teslacon, group 2-5_original

Teslacon, group 2-4_original

Teslacon, group 2-2_original

Teslacon, group 3-14_original

Teslacon, group 2-3_original

Teslacon, group 3-12_original

Teslacon, group 3-11_original

Teslacon, group 3-10_original

Teslacon, group 3-9_original

Teslacon, group 3-8_original

Teslacon, group 3-7_original

Teslacon, group 3-6_original

Teslacon, group 3-5_original

Teslacon group 35

Teslacon group 36

Teslacon group 37

Teslacon group 38

Teslacon group 39

Teslacon group 31

Teslacon group 32

Teslacon group 33

Teslacon group 34

Teslacon group 21

Teslacon group 22

Teslacon group 23

Teslacon group 24

Teslacon group 25

Teslacon group 26

Teslacon group 27

Teslacon, group 3-4_original

Cover photo by staff Jen Greeley.

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