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Thanksgiving Carving Contest: Wolverine vs. Master Chefs

Thanksgiving turkey carving contest Wolverine vs master chefs

Wolverine really is everywhere, isn’t he? He even made it into this year’s Thanksgiving carving contest! Watch each video submission and contribute your vote to the judges’ decision! Time is of the essence here, but feel free to take into consideration style, or anything else that is important to you in carving. First up is reigning champion Russ the Meathead, defending his title from last year.carving trophy

Judges’ notes: Now that is some quality carving! Russ dishes up a whole Thanksgiving turkey pretty quickly, and he really got the crowd going. His technique hasn’t changed much from last year though. Is it good enough to keep him on top, or does he need to evolve his game?

Next up is master chef Martin Yan.

Judges’ notes: He showcased his style on a chicken this year, but hey a big bird is a big bird right? Eighteen seconds is a stunning time, and that should cook up quite easily now. Make sure to check out some other videos on how he prepares before cutting. It’s funny stuff but actually seems to work really well.

Last but not least we have Wolverine!

Judges’ notes: With three knives on each hand for a total of six, you would think his style would be much more berserk, but he actually showed quite a bit of restraint. Definitely award points for style and quickness, but his technique is a bit selfish.

Cast your votes and debate the pros and cons of each contestant in the comments section below, and then make sure to check back after the holiday to see who the winner of this year’s Thanksgiving carving contest will be!

These folks would likely win a Thanksgiving turkey carving contest, even against Wolverine


Thanks for sticking around for what was probably a Comic Booked Humor type post. For an extra reward, here’s an actual instructional video on how to carve a Thanksgiving turkey!

*Update: The winner is Wolverine!*

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