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The 3 Best Comic Stories That Should Be Made Into Video Games


Transforming a story from the pages of a book into a laptop game is no easy work. But it can be done. In fact, there are currently many comic stories that never made their way into the screens of our computers. Why is that? Game developers have never acquired the license to reproduce these comic stories into video games. Here is a few of those stories which we believe will soon have a chance of having their own video games.


1) Saga – Image Comicscomic

The Saga series of comic stories attempts to use a more humanistic approach in a world dominated by Sci-Fi stuff. This is the story of Alana and Marko who formed an inter-species relationship and are on the run from inter-galactic chaos with the aim of keeping their newborn child safe.


Saga in itself is an action video game. But it would have served a good purpose if the game was developed into a story-telling adventure. The Saga video game would come out well if developed like Tales from the Borderland or The Wolf Among Us.


Saga series of comic stories truly boast of rich characters and a deep universe, which if merged together, could form an extremely addicting video game.


comic2) Runaways – Marvel Comics

This is the story of teens who plan to run away from problems which they believe were created by their parents who are also part of the city’s most stubborn super-villain group. These teens end up running away from home with the intention of bringing down their families.


Other characters include a witch, a dinosaur, a mutant, an alien, and many others. This team recognizes the fact that if they joined hands in running away from their problems, they could become an unstoppable force.


And since every character in this story brings something unique to the table, it feels like the Runaways would make a good Role-Playing Game. All characters have unique abilities and skills. Another reason why Runaways could form a nice RPG is because the characters in the story were made to interact and form relationships that would make the story very interesting if converted into an RPG. In fact, this is just one of the elements of a successful RPG.


comic3) Agents of the Realm – Indy Webcomic

This is a new digital comic publication which is considered very popular in the web comic space. It features 5 college-going girls who are all gifted with supernatural abilities. Equipped with these special powers, these girls must also defend the earth from getting bent by other evil forces.


This series would come out quite well if developed into a mobile gaming app. And probably companies like Microgaming would do a nice job developing it into a slot machine so that it would be the number one choice of slot machine for players looking for a good win real money app from the said company.



Other series like the Walking Dead would also make good video games because they teach survival skills when humanity need them most. Such series can make an extremely addictive role-playing video game. As of now, players can only wait with bated breath to see if someone will transform any of these 3 stories into video games.

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