The Action Room Interviews Grant Morrison!

The Action Room interviews Grant Morrison

If you’re a fan of comic books, you’ve no doubt heard of Grant Morrison. The Scotsman has worked for Marvel writing a few of their flagship characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four as well as DC Comics, having worked with both Superman and Batman, and his successful creator-owned series, The Invisibles.

The Action Room interviews Grant MorrisonMorrison recently finished working on his new novel, which is now available in stores. Supergods takes a textbook look at the characters and actions of modern superhero comic books, dissecting them and getting to the core of what makes them what they are. But Grant also fills the book with personal experiences, providing readers with a glimpse of how he evolved as a writer. Supergods has been wildly accepted and praised and for good reason. If someone was going to write a book about superheros, who better than the man who has written stories of almost every superhero under the sun?

While promoting the book at Midtown Comics in new York City, Morrison was gracious enough to grant (see what I did there?) some interviews. Tony Wolf from The Action Room gets goofy (and bald) with Grant Morrison himself, and does actual magic with Grant M.! Craziest Morrison interview ever! You can find the Action Room’s other fun geek comedy videos and celebrity interviews at Find Tony at And be sure to read Grant Morrison’s stuff; he’s a fantastic writer!

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