The Age Of Iron Man

The Marvel cinematic universe has exploded in the entertainment industry. With eight movies so far, two upcoming Netflix series, and two ongoing television shows, the future is bright for more Marvel awesomeness. Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk all play a starring role, but it would all be nothing if not for Iron Man.

Iron ManIron Man is the film that really kicked off the Marvel cinematic universe. The success of Robert Downey, Jr. playing Tony Stark on the big screen boosted interest in the comic book series, the Avengers, and almost every other character in the Marvel Universe. This led to movies based on Thor, Captain America, and finally the full team of Marvel’s Avengers.

The release of Iron Man 2 just added depth to the story of the childish millionaire who faced his inner demons and had to deal with fallout from the sins of his father. The introduction of a pretty cool villain in Whiplash just added to the story. Iron Man’s popularity was through the roof, kind like he was the first time he flew in his armor. Iron Man could be found on lunchboxes, in video games, and on t-shirts.

There are so many options for playing games starring Iron Man. You can try out the Marvel Heroes Online, LEGO Marvel video games, and even Iron Man 2 themed slot games online. Any of these options can be played from your own home and provide hours of enjoyment as you relive moments from your favorite films. Even Disney Infinity 2.0 allows you to fly around as Iron Man.

No matter how you like to play, Iron Man, and the other Avengers, seem to be here to stay. Look forward to the whole line of Marvel films, including the upcoming Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, over the coming few years. Who knows what the future holds for our hero in a tin can, but we know that Iron Man is not down for the count yet.

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