The Art of Ms. Marvel


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we aim to give you a weekly look at the many different renderings of a comic book favourite, and this week sees Ms Marvel take the stage. Each artist has their own style and their own vision; whether gently stroking the paper for a sketch, defining those deep shadows with ink, or finalising that powerful palette of colour to full effect.

Ms. Marvel, or Carol Danvers to her friends, is a buxom blond born in the Silver Age of Marvel comics and the brainchild of writer Roy Thomas and brought to life by artist Gene Colan. Originally appearing without any powers as a member of the United States Air Force in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968) she became infused with the power of the alien Kree  possessing superhuman strength, endurance, stamina, flight and physical durability to début as Ms. Marvel in 1977.

Ms. MarvelOver the following decades Ms Marvel found herself in some strange continuity tales and the 1980s saw her abducted and impregnated by Marcus, son of Immortus tantamount to an essay by Comic book historian Carol A. Strickland entitled “The Rape of Ms. Marvel.” Feverishly retconned by X-Men scribe Chris Claremont to eliminate this storyline , Carol Danvers would also go by the alias Binary and later Warbird before having her powers stolen by the mutant Rogue.

In recent years Ms. Marvel has settled into a role with the Avengers and her black costume with yellow flash and read sash has become a staple of her design. As a leading heroine in the Marvel universe many artists have tackled the look of this strong and beautiful superhero. Unfortunately this has led to some rather odd fetishising of this powerful female in questionable artwork largely left absent from the gallery below.

Never the less, check out the many takes on one of Marvel’s premier and most enduring heroines.

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