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The Bee’s Knees: 3Doodler


Hello, and welcome to the Bee’s Knees, the weekly special here at Comic Booked where I take a look at some of the different ways people combine words and pictures. This week we’re looking at a doodler’s dream come true. Imagine you got a magic pen. Everything you drew with it would come to life, leaping off the page as you drew it. Well, maybe the 3Doodler pen doesn’t literally bring your words and pictures to life, but it comes pretty close.

3Doodler3Doodler is a premiere “3D printing” device that allows people to take their creativity to the next level. It’s remarkably easy to use—draw like an ordinary pen and then take it off the paper and keep drawing. Just look at the pictures and you can see that this is one fun pen. Not comfortable with drawing on thin air? If you doodle something on paper, you can then lift the finished product off the surface, and voila! There it is, a 3D model of your doodle.

Where do you find these remarkable pens? If you watch the video, you’ll find that they’re still in production—but they’re easy enough to order! If you don’t already know about it, Kickstarter is a fabulous way to support products you love. If it pulls through, you get awesome rewards. If it doesn’t, you get your money back. Simple as that. Right now, you can order your own 3Doodler and in a few months gape in awe as your imagination pops off the page and into the real world! And by the way, the funding for the 3Doodler has already gone so wild that you’ll really want to act quickly to get a good perk—they’re going fast!

And that’s the bee’s knees for this week! Please stay tuned to Comic Booked for more ways people blend words and pictures to create all-new forms of art. In the meantime, feel free to tell me in the comments section if there’s something you know of I should write about. What are your thoughts on the 3Doodler? Do you have any special doodles you would love to come to life? Please share! The possibilities are endless!

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This thing looks soo cool! I want to try one!


Oh, man… That looks pretty sweet!

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