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The Blur’s WonderCon Adventure!


This is The Crimson Blur signing in! What’s up everybody? I am fresh outta Wonder Con and I am stoked. My only Con experience is with SDCC so I was a little skeptical, but I am far from disappointed and my expectations were exceeded. Here are some of the major highlights of my con experience. Expect seperate posts for the important ones. This is just for my fans to join in on my adventure.

My number 1 favorite thing was watching over ten minutes of the new Green Lantern movie followed by a Q & A with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest, loyal, and lovable comic book actors ever. For example, he’s genuinely disappointed that they screwed up Deadpool and claims he would have done it differently. After reading a bunch of Green Lantern comics, he wants Geoff Johns to be the voice of the fans when it comes to the new movie.

Next favorite was the world premiere of Emerald Knights. A six part story that all intertwined into the present. Nathan Fillion did phenomenal as Hal, but I wish he would have had a lot more lines. Next epic thing we got to do? Nicole Sixx got Cousin Matt and me to play an exclusive demo of the new Green Lantern video game before anyone of the public. Talk about action packed! And not at all like ANY of the movie based games I’ve played before. Definitely give this one a chance. When you and Sinestro are making giant green chain guns made of lantern energy, you know it’s going to be gnarly!
Comic Booked Team…ASSEMBLE!!!

Saturday was my special Superman day. I slicked my hair back, put on my glasses, and busted a blur straight to the entrance of WonderCon. I was accompanied by Chad Ackerman, one of my best friends/Crimson Blur Illustrator, who was dressed up as Hal Jordan. We were a DC duo who were ready to dominate! So we charged in, got our bags, I flashed my press pass and got us through a secret short cut I found. We had made it to the exhibit hall! 
We started our day with some 3DS action…WOW is all I can say. I was laughing and ducking out of the way while fighting a dragon that was ON THE TABLE! More on that later. Then we proceeded to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I was Okami Dog, Deadpool, and Chris Redfield, my opponents? Captain America, Akuma, and Wolverine. I got destroyed! But had so much fun in the process. Not a big fighting game fan, but the characters, graphics, and insane moves are really pushing me to buy this one when I get back home.

We wanted some more time on the floor, so we got our pictures taken with what I believe was the prop shield and hammer from Captain America and Thor. (TOTALLY AWESOME!) Then we got our picture taken on this throne of swords, but not before we went to check out the artist alley. So many talented people in one area. It’s where I plan on debuting The Crimson Blur origin comic at SDCC, so I really wanted to get a feel for it. The people were very nice and I learned what brings people to your table…free stuff. So I will definitely be making some C-Blur merchandise to hand out this Summer, make sure you guys come look for me and Chad!


I’d like to make a section for how incredibly friendly everyone was to me at Wonder Con. I recieved a lot of much appreciated praise for my Clark Kent/Superman costume and I was loving it. I think 7 different people wanted pictures of me and people were shouting positive comments about my costume all day. It was very encouraging and it made me even happier that I dressed up. So thank you San Fransisco, you were all very good to me.

Then it was time to get to work. The DC Universe panel was next on the agenda and I was very excited! DC is my personal favorite and I’ve been really involved lately, now more than ever. Topics that were discussed; Flashpoint, Brightest Day, Green Arrow, Power Girl, The Outsiders, Justice League of America, and Teen Titans! (The Teen Titans took 27 years to make!) There will also be more on this panel in a seperate post.

Luckily we made it inside our next event, because the place was PACKED for the Super panel. Super is a vigilante super hero movie starring, Rainn Wilson, Emily Page, Liv Tyler, and a favorite of mine, Nathan Fillion. They didn’t have any moderatora, movie clips, or merchandise. And boy did they not need it.You could tell these two had a special love for this movie and needed it to be his exact vision and only wanted the best for it. These two guys were hilarious and believe it or not, really down to earth. They explained a lot behind the Independent film industry and were very real about it all. And they had us laughing the whole time.

After the Super panel, Chad and I headed back out to the exhibit hall to get some freebies. No such luck! But we did get to meet Max Brooks! A very cool guy who complimented my costume. He asked me, “Are you dressed as Christopher Reeves or Brandon ROOTH?” (That’s seriously how he said it) and I said Christopther Reeves but soon to be Tom Welling. We shook hands, he complimented me again and I took a picture of him and Chad.

Next on the list was The Immortals preview and panel, but unfortunately we didn’t get in. I had an eight hour drive ahead of me, so I went back to the exhibit hall one last time. Then I stumbled upon and took a picture with the most terrible, evil, and sinister villain of them all..

I call him…

Lil’ Joker.

Stay tuned for more detailed articles on all of the awesome stuff I mentioned in this one! I can’t promise all of the awesome pictures though…

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Sounds like you had a great time man!

The Crimson Blur

It was a lot of fun! But SDCC is going to be AMAZING!

One day, in the not too distant future, there will be several people dressed up as Crimson Blur at every convention.

Awesome I wish i were you!!!!!!! Lucky Duck!

Hahaha! YES SEAN! And it will be all thanks our little trio of comic book geniuses!

Good Work CB! Cant wait for the SDCC Crimson Blur debut

This was awesome! Great job Blur. I can't wait for the Crimson Blur comic!

Sounds like you had a blast! Your Clark Kent/Superman costume was clearing the BEST! Can't wait for part 2 at SDCC!

* was clearly the BEST!

Looks like you had a blast bro! your enthusiasm about it makes me wanna hit up comic con out here in SD this summer

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