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The Crimson Blur Joins the Team!

The Crimson Blur

In a world where danger could be around every turn, one boy wonder has vowed to protect it. A red and green blur dashes into the shadows keeping a watchful eye on the people he has taken responsibility for. A shiny yellow “R” stands out from the darkness, along with his belt. He looks for the signal in the sky…but before the legendary symbol can get his attention, he hears something far more threatening. “COLIN! THIS IS YOUR MOTHER! COME HOME FOR DINNER! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME BY DARK!”

I guess you could say I’ve always wanted to be a hero. I was dressing up as Robin after school and protecting my neighborhood from 1st to 3rd grade. In fact, my first words were, “Nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!” I feel like I’ve been destined to do something superhero-related all of my life. My mother always says, “You came out of the womb excited about superheroes.” Hopefully you can see my passion, now let me tell you about what I want to do for this awesome site.

If I were to have my preference, I would love to be the official Smallville and Young Justice Reviewer. I have watched EVERY episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, AND Teen Titans. Quite a few members of the same animation and writing team did all of those and are now working on Young Justice. I would be perfect for it!

I’m sure you can tell I’m a Smallville fan by my name and picture. I’ve seen every episode of every season multiple times. I remember being in 6th grade when it first came out and convincing my Dad to let me stay up and watch it. Smallville became a huge part of my life. I was fortunate enough to see the last Smallville panel at Comic-Con 2010. I was super excited because I was cosplaying Clark Kent/The Blur. I had an incredible girlfriend back then named Hayley. She was so awesome that she dressed up as Lois Lane for me! Unfortunately, nobody recognized her. But, it was still amazing! The energy was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.

That’s another thing you should know about me. I live in San Diego, California and I love it. So I hope you guys don’t mind the words ‘dude’, ‘chill’, and ‘gnarly’ because I definitely say them a lot. I also have my own comic series I’ve been working on, but more on that later. Much later!

So here’s to a new year, with a new writer to follow. You can count on fair and detailed reviews on all of your favorite shows, movies, and comics. The Crimson Blur is here to protect and entertain all of his fans!

Be sure to follow me on twitter my friends!The Crimson Blur

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Comments (62)

Crimson blur is the dopest dope!!

YES! I can't wait for good, accurate reviews of my favorite shows! i'm definitely excited for this new "crimson blur" Keep it up!!

This guy is awesome! He really got me right from the get go. The way he explained his childhood story made me think he was about to unveil some new epic story. This is the first time Ive ever laughed at the Nana Batman joke from READING it. Maybe there is a new epic story coming out dude and it should be about you as an Official Reviewer. I enjoyed reading this article and I hope to read more in the future.



One word: D'aaaawww!!!!

Good luck buddy. 🙂


Have fun in your new job.. and always remember… Smallville is the greatest show our civilization has ever known.

Aww yeah! So stoked right now!

I look forward to reading your articles and opinions! Congratulations!

Honestly, I think Crimson Blur would be perfect for the job. He has the background and the obvious drive, passion, and writing skill for the work.

This is GREAT!!! Glad there is more Smallville info coming, can't get enough of it!! Best series ever!!! I'm counting on you C. Blur.

Oh man, a fellow Robin fan? AND you're as addicted to The DC Animated Universe as I am? We will be getting along swimmingly. Welcome aboard good sir, I look forward to working alongside you!

Yup, sounds like a perfect job for you. I haven't seen most of the shows mentioned (I'm a Marvel man) but I'll look into the reviews. Its awesome that your making a comic book, I'm attempting to as well. Keep me updated on it. I'd like to know the orgins of the Crimson Blur and what his powers are.

When will the "Crimson Blur" be coming to my neighbourhood? Can't wait.


I'm excited to see what you are going to be writing


make sure you put pics with your reviews…otherwise you seem passionate!

I've been a Robin fan since day one! You and I are totally going to get a long. I look forward to working with you too.

Hahaha! Brilliant! Glad to have you.

Thanks Nicole! Glad to be here 🙂

i like your stan lee one it truely shows you do know alot about him and shows people he is a true living legend

Awesome. Follow your Passion. That's what life is all about.

C-Blur! Keep up the good work. You are a true talent when it comes to the comic book industry. Nothin but the best.

Dreaded Hero's for life pal!


Another one of my awesome bosses. Thanks Heather!

Hahaha this was great keep up the great work. can't wait to read some more 🙂

The Green Elf

Crimson Blur!!!!!! Thank you for answering my questions about Smallville and Silver Surfer. You Rule dude!!!!

Green Elf! Please come back soon and KEEP commenting!

Todd B. Gruel

"Dude," I can give you five "chill" reasons why the Blur is the "gnarliest" Hero to grace this wild planet:

1) He saves damsels with his bares hands

2) His costume colors are sexy

3) His mode of locomotion is environmentally friendly

4) He never curses, cheats, or breaks wind in front of the ladies

5) Because I said so

Hahaahah! You rock Todd, thanks so much!

The Crimson Blur's web comic is set to debut this month!


When is The Crimson Blur web comic coming out?

Do you have a release date?

Will it be a Comic Booked exclusive?

I loved the way you explained your childhood story it was really funny 🙂 I think its awesome how long you have been into superhero stuff and that you get the opportunity to finally start having a career doing what you love. Right on, keep up the amazing work! Can't wait to see what else you do

This is the most popular post? Good job Blur.

Glad to have you on the site! Looking forward to reading your reviews/articles…

The Crimson Blur

Thank you! I won't let you down!

Typing away after reading your bio I question why I am still at the computer and not ripping into the seasons of Smallville I have to get through. Being primarily a Marvel fan, or Marvelite as we were once called I stayed away from Smallville mainly for the reason I didn't think it was that good, I mean seriously who wants to watch Superman get told what to do….but through a good sale and at 19.99 a season…I got hooked.

I purchase comic books first so it has been taking me awhile to get through the seasons and as money got tighter, my best friend purchased the rest. Unfortunately they are still sitting on the shelf wrapped like a collector's item. It is good to know though when I need to I will have someone to go to for any nuances I have missed.

The Crimson Blur

You can count on me CGC Lee! Very cool come around story by the way 🙂 I know a lot of people who were hesitant of Smallville!

Well congratulations! 🙂

The Crimson Blur

Thanks Victoria!

Can't wait for your comic, I hope its awesome, Im looking forward to your reviews as well

The Crimson Blur

Thanks so much Ryu! Please come back to the site for updates 🙂


Congrats On the Position! Salutations, Excelsior and all that good stuff!!

Signed,Ya Friend From Gaiaonline

FuriousStyles: The Green Lantern of Gaia Sector!

Thanks Furious! You should keep coming back, we've got TONS of great Green Lantern stuff!

COLIN BASS AND KISS MY ASS! jk!!! this site is pretty clean. ill be sure to check up on updates and share this site

Haha! Nice rhyme dude. Yeah man, share us all around!

I must stay at #1!

Says the guy who has like ten comments on that adjustment bureau post!

Crimson Blur rocks!!! Keep it up Mr.Colin!!!

The Crimson Blur

Thanks Makayla! I'll see you at K.O.C.!!!!

The Crimson Blur

Thank you Nicki!

The Crimson Blur

It will come out at SDCC in digital and print. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

The Crimson Blur

You rock J03! Thank you very much

Congratulations! Doing what you clearly love! (: Crimson Blur is the BEST! Keep up all your fantastic work!!!

Thanks Hannah! You rock!

Who wouldn't like you?

Go Crimson!!! This is a great intro post and I'm glad you're number 1!

The Crimson Blur

That's a very nice thing to say! Thank you 🙂

Nice dude! i like ur style.

Thanks Green Arrow!

You sir are a stud

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