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The Crimson Blur Takes on Alter Egos!


The Crimson Blur is back! Honestly, I have been thinking about doing an alter ego article ever since I first joined the Comic Booked team and now it’s time for me to bust it out! I will be breaking down 2 different comic book alter egos. What works, what doesn’t work, and then at the very bottom of the post will be a real life alter ego example. Who do you ask? It’s none other than yours truly! That’s right, I’ll be experimenting with my own custom alter ego.

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know that I love Superman. So let’s start with ‘The Mask of Clark Kent’ (And yes, I’m going to reference Smallville!)

It all started back on Smallville’s 200th episode titled, “Homecoming”. Clark is taken by Brainiac 5 to the future to see the hero that he needs to become to save the world. While he’s in the future he meets his fiancée Lois, some photographer named Jimmy, and the man of steel himself! Except he wasn’t suited up in the classic red and blue, he was dorky yet casual in his disguise as Clark Kent. Younger Clark even said, “Why am I so…nerdy?” To the older, more defined Clark.

So as season ten continued, Clark decided that he needed to show his face to the world as The Blur. So with the help of knowledge from the future and his fashion savvy fiancée, Lois Lane, Clark decided to ditch the confident red and blue. The plan was to change his clothes, posture, attitude, and even his hairstyle in order to let Superman be free to show his face to the planet. This would mean that Clark’s identity of the heroic Clark Kent that he grew up as would fade away in order for him to be his strong, courageous self while he was suited up as Superman.

One thing I’ve noticed about multiple versions of Clark Kent is that he tries to stay away from his red and blue when he is in Daily Planet mode. (Smallville’s Clark Kent was constantly wearing blue and red up until he dawned an all black Blur suit) Also, Superman: The Animated Series had him in a blue suit with a red tie. That dude got caught being Superman like 5 times, so now we know that dressing in the same colors as your super suit is a bad idea. Unless you’re a Power Ranger…

Note to future Heroes: Do not take disguise tips from Jason the Red Ranger.

Next on the list is someone who literally takes pictures of himself for a living. That’s right! It’s Mr. Peter Parker AKA Spiderman. I’ve noticed that Peter likes to play the science geek/nerd card to avoid any speculation that he’s Spiderman. Along with that he chooses not to show off his powers in his more experienced years. Then, he had this crazy idea. Why don’t I wear this pansy-ass polo shirt. No one would ever suspect me as Spiderman!

As you can see, the shirt is not very flattering…at all. But he can still throw on his red and blue suit to save the city and get all of his clothing frustrations out on Doc Ock’s face. Peter was smart enough to get a full, fitted suit from head to toe. This leaves unanswered questions like, what race is he? What does his hair look like? How old is he? Is it even a he?! Lesson from Spiderman: The more you cover your body, the better your civilian disguise will be.

” There’s no way that the dude in the Easter shirt is the same guy throwing cars at a guy who looks like a Rhino.” -Random New Yorker

So let’s break it down and see what we’ve learned from what I believe to be the two best alter egos in modern comics.

1. When in civilian form, act completely average. Maybe even below average.

2. When deciding what to wear for the day, do not dress in similar colors as your super suit!

3. Glasses can help any civilian disguise.

4. The more skin covered when wearing your suit, the better chance you have at leaving a huge level of mystery.

5. Neat, combed hair as a civilian. Messy, natural hair as a hero. (In my opinion)

6. Batman does it the best. Disguise your voice as well as you disguise your appearance.

With those six simple tips, I decided to try and create my own 2 identities.

Colin Bass. A nerdy yet handsome comic book writer who doesn’t give a damn about that ‘Crimson Blur’ character.

What?! There’s trouble in the city?! I’m on it! It’s time to Blur up! *Super Speed Sound Effect*

And now, the world premiere of The Crimson Blur’s Vigilante Super Suit.

Can you tell these two are the same people? I didn’t think so! Ok, well maybe you can. But I only had my closet to work with, so cut me a break. Although, I did successfully use all 6 tips in the process. You should hear my disguised Crimson Blur voice, it’s scary!

Thanks for reading you guys! Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of the article, it’s been a while since I wrote an article just for fun!

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Great post! Keep up the great stuff CB!

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The Crimson Blur

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I would ever thing a litte nerdy guy,

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Crimson Blur you have inspired me!

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I would have never thought a litte nerdy guy,

could be such an awesome kick ass hero!

Crimson Blur you have inspired me!

Oh hell yeah. Finally an alter-ego to fit the hero. Keep em comin' Blur. You got this 🙂

Oh my this is great colina <3 love it keep up the great work BLUR :]

The Crimson Blur also offers photos in a variety of poses to show off his alter ego? Sick!

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