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The Fateful Finale of the Fearless Defenders

Fearless Defenders #11

As many of you may have heard, the Fearless Defenders is coming to an end with issue #12. this does not mean that all the storyline threads will end, just that the book is ending. Cullen Bunn, writer of Fearless Defenders and Deadpool stuff, spoke to Newsarama about their hopes and fears around this book. Not really, but they did discuss what these tough ladies had in store and the future. Take a look at excerpts from the interview here.




Newsarama: So Cullen, first off – what is coming about in the series finale of Fearless Defenders this December?

Cullen Bunn: I’d love to tell you that we’re going to wrap every single plot thread up in a neat little bow, but that’s probably not the case. We set some plot points into motion in those early issues that need a little more time to mature. I think it would be unfair to try to box them all up by the end of the series. We’re giving the story an end-point, but there are elements that could be picked up in the future… by Will and me or by another creative team… in any number of books.

Two issues remain in the series, though, and we’re packing as much awesome into those issues as possible.

Nrama: What specifically can people look forward to in these final issues?

Bunn: First, in issue 11, we check in on Hippolyta when Annabelle, Ren, Dani, and (special guest star) Magma visit New Amazonia! (And I don’t want to say too much, but love is in the air!)

Then, in issue 12, we have a final showdown between the Defenders and the new Doom Maidens… and we get a visit from some new heroes… and one of Caroline’s estranged parents!

Nrama: Was this your original plans for the end of the second arc, or did it change somewhat with news the series would be ending?

Bunn: I typically plan for a much longer story. I should know better, because there are no guarantees that the story will make it that long. But I just can’t help it when I’m excited about a book. So, I had a much bigger plan for a number of stories featuring different combinations of Defenders teams. At the end of issue 6, we flashed to some possible team-ups, and I would have loved to do all of those stories (and then some)! Issues 7 – 12 were originally going to include 3 short arcs (the 1-issue return of Annabelle, a 2-issue arc, and a 3-issue arc) but when I found out that the series might not continue past issue 12, I decided to change things up and do a series of single issue stories that loosely tie together.

Fearless DefendersBut the Marvel Universe is a big place, and I think there is a home for all of the Fearless Defenders. I’ve tried to leave enough story breadcrumbs out there that other creators will find their way to these characters.

Nrama: And although the series is ending, you’re promising surprises until the end – namely a character Marvel calls a “new (cosmically awesome) character” that joins the team. Can you tell us, or at least tease us, with who it might be?

Bunn: I’ve seen a lot of speculation on who this character might be. I can tell you that I had originally planned for a different character to take that spot. It was a character I thought no one would see coming, but someone who fit the vibe of the team perfectly. But there were unforeseen complications with that character and we had to make some adjustments. The new cosmic player is someone I’ve always wanted to use in the series but I thought she was off-limits. She’s a strong correlation to a member of the original Defenders team! And I hope she has more page-time elsewhere in the Marvel Universe after she makes her return in Fearless Defenders #12!


So, the series comes to an end but the characters may return. At first I was not sure about this series and so I picked it up as a trial. What I found was I could not buy all the comic books every week, so, I was not quite as attached to this as some others and dropped it. I may pick it up as it comes to its end just to see how things play out. Old books leave to make room for new ones, so let’s see what steps up to fill the gap left by the Fearless Defenders.


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