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The Influence of Comics on Online Gaming


A lot can be said about comic art, especially in the modern era. Comic art can be found beyond the pages of comics and comic books today, with its influence being stronger than ever. In fact, there is long history when it comes to comic books and it continues to evolve as time goes on. In a way, comic art has managed to influence a few industries around the world, from TV right through to sales, but today we focus on something that it has managed to influence potentially more than anything else, online gaming.

You could say that comic art’s influence on online gaming is perhaps unexpected, but the style is extremely popular and will remain that way for many years to come. You only need to look at long established games like bingo, to see how new and innovative brands like mFortune have been inspired by comic art. However, the main area in which this art is blatantly put to work in the online gaming arena is with slot games, with most of them now donning this style for multiple reasons.


Cartoon art evokes feelings of enjoyment, fun and excitement, and this is exactly what slot game developers are trying to achieve with the games they create. Not only will this ensure the gamer enjoys a much better and more fulfilling experience, they will also want to play for longer too.

There’s also the aim for the developer to create an immersive game too, with the gamer being transported into the enclosed world of the title. With comic art using bright colors and eye-catching artwork, this immediately grabs the attention of the player. When you combine that with the spinning reels of the game which feature cartoon-style symbols, a developer has the recipe for total immersion, with the player able to feel like they’re a part of the world the slot game is drawing them into.

Another great reason why many slot game developers have turned to comic art and a cartoon like approach is the fact that this design style can work across different genres. Each slot game developer produces games over the course of a year which vary in theme and genre, but they can still press ahead with the eye-catching cartoony artwork, which is a real plus. This also allows a developer to perhaps take a somewhat common theme and transform it, by delivering the slot game with a different style thanks to a comic art approach.


Comics have also influenced online gaming and slots in another way too, with some of the most popular characters from said comic books appearing in their own slot games. The likes of The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Spider-man, Superman and the Fantastic Four have all featured in their own slots so far, with developers being able to acquire the necessary licenses to create the content. Marvel and DC have both seen slots created based on their characters, with the games themselves often featuring snippets from movies and animations, helping to create some of the finest slots around.

You’ll struggle to find a bigger influence on the online gaming and slot world right now than comics, comic books and comic art. With the ability to not only influence design, but slot games themselves, it’s a match made in heaven in many respects. It’s also likely to be a relationship that continues for many years to come too.

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