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The Mantle of THE FLASH


Our character of the month is none other than Barry Allen (Check out Jordamus Prime’s in depth review of Barry Allen Here) who is the alter ego of The Scarlett Speedster better known as The Flash. While Barry is our character of the month, he is not the only person to don the Superhero title. Although Barry Allen is highly considered the most popular of all the Flashes, he is not the original and most certainly won’t be the last.  According to a poll on Bart Allen (Currently known as Kid Flash) was the favorite by a land slide.   So who all has donned the mantle known as “The Flash”?   I thought you’d never ask.


Jay Garrick was the first flash and the inspiration for Barry Allen to fight for Justice.  He is a key member of the Justice Society


Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen and the first person to ever hold the title Kid Flash.  Mentored by his Uncle after they both had a similar situation causing them to gain Super Speed, Wally took on the mantle after his Uncle Barry was killed.  Wally was also one of the original members of “Teen Titans”.


I’m not even going to get into how this kid is related to like half the world, but I will say that he is the grand son of Barry Allen.  He has gone by the name Impulse, was the second person to become Kid Flash, and the 4th to hold the mantle of “The Flash”.  Bart Allen has also been a member of the kid superhero team Young Justice as well as being a Teen Titan.


Jessie Chambers was not only the first female Flash, she was also recently inducted into the Justice League, replacing Wally West.  Jessie’s very short time time as The Flash was used as a ploy to convince Bart to take on the mantle.

Who do you think will be next to don the mantle?

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Your missing John Fox – The Flash from the 27th Century who ended up as part of the Justice Legion A in the 853rd Century.

The Crimson Blur

Some of this is news to me! Why isn't Wally West in the JL anymore?

lol I'm missing literally every future Flash.

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