The New 52 Review – Blackhawks

Blackhawks, New 52, DC Comics

A New 52 series featuring a combined Special Forces team where the members use colorful codenames, striking at terrorist forces from a secure hidden base, equipped with the latest weapons tech and support vehicles.  No, DC didn’t sneak the G.I. Joe license out from under IDW’s nose- this is the Blackhawks.

cover by KEN LASHLEY

Now the Blackhawks are nothing new to DC Comics. Created by comics legend Will Eisner in 1941  for publisher Quality Comics.  The Blackhawk Squadron first appeared in  Military Comics #1,  before the went on to be featured in their own radio and movie serials during the 1950’s.

The Blackhawks have been brought into the 21st century by Mike Costa, with art duties split between Graham Nolan (layouts) and Ken Lashley (Finishes).  This new team has (as of yet) no connection to their WW II era counterparts. Other than the codename Lady Blackhawk, there is no suggestion that we have seen these characters in some pre-Flashpoint version (it also doesn’t seem likely that this Lady Blackhawk is Zinda Blake, previously of Birds of Prey).

The team is now under the purvey of the United Nations, taking mission in parts of the world were no nation’s military can go, using small strike teams, getting in and out in total secrecy.  At least that’s the plan. What were the chances that someone would have a smartphone handy to snap a picture of the Blackhawk logo on the side of extraction helicopter after a mission in Kazakhstan?

Which begs the question, why does a black ops secret military organization have a big logo painted on the side of their helicopter?

Of course there  is plenty going on behind the scenes at the base’s secret headquarters, the Eyrie.  When a UN representative comes a calling to discuss the situation with team leader, Duk- Uh I mean Lincoln.  Imagine his surprise to see the team’s hanger equipped with more than the team’s UN funding could possibly afford, both in quality and quantity.

Meanwhile team member Scarle- I mean Kunoichi has her own problems, after being bitten by a Kazakhstanian terrorist, then falling into a culvert full of industrial waste.   You know what happens when you fall into toxic waste in a comic book, don’t you?  Well I guess she, and the rest of the Blackhawk never read comics as kids, because it is quite a surprise to her when her skin begins to smolder.

So what does all this mean?  A good question.   If you are fan of super high tech military teams, with just a hint of Soap Opera team dynamics then this book may be right up your alley.  And now you know,  and knowing is about 74% of  the decision making process


(w) Mike Costa (a) Graham Nolan & Ken Lashley
32pgs $2.99

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