The Nomad Kickstarter Preview

Nomad Banner

During the past six or seven years I’ve been very active in the indie comic book community. I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships and befriending creatives from all over the world, from every artistic position, and I’ve been able to see careers and projects take off because of this. Also, within the realm of reviews, I’ve been blessed to have been able to review for free a lot of times. Kickstarter has been a way for me to give back to a lot of these folks that offer up their product for free. Bill Stoddard, writer of The Nomad, is one of the folks that I have befriended and has offered up his product for free. In appreciation, of course I do reviews, but I also put my money where my mouth is when I can and I contribute to their campaigns. I feel like I owe the indie comic community a lot and it’s truly a pleasure to do reviews and back these campaigns.

The Nomad had a seriously intense team of creatives, Stoddard of course has a great script and world that he wants to build, but the artists are second to none. Saint Yak is a indie comic powerhouse and the pairing of his art with Robert Nugent’s colors is eye popping and delicious to look at. Of course no book is complete without the lettering, dialog and everything in between, so Stoddard went out and got one of the best letterers active today in Dave Sharpe. Together they have an impressive partnership and their partnership shines. There is about six pages for review on Kickstarter so my words can be verified.

The Nomad has already hit its goal and it’s got under two weeks left so rewards are guaranteed and the rewards are very reasonable and typical in scope; everything from digital and print of the book, to posters, and T-Shirts. What sticks out most to me is the affordability of the print comic. I’ve seen an unfortunate trend of rising Kickstarter prices to cover costs of production and shipping but The Nomad has a very affordable eight dollar print option with an extra two for shipping making the standard print option ten dollars. Making the comic affordable and accessible is what the spirit of the indie community is all about.

Please head over to Kickstarter and give The Nomad a look!