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The Pitfalls of Storing a Collection

A collector’s main adversary is a lack of proper storage space; lack of funds is a close second. I currently live in a junior one bedroom apartment. I have resided here for almost six years. The rent, fortunately is cheap, the landlord, meticulous, and it is located near work. The downside is I don’t have a room dedicated for my collection; the upside is, it is my apartment and I can place anything, anywhere I want. I purchased shelving at IKEA for the purpose of holding a half box of comic books. Each unit holds 5 boxes for an approximate 450 raw books or a total of 165 CGC graded books.

This does not include the artwork I started to collect or two closets full of Star Wars action figures. I would love for these to be displayed in a room all their own instead of in boxes. I also like to read novels, the hardback variety; these are placed on numerous shelves. I have yet to change to a digital reader. Each week my collection grows; the space in my apartment does not (where is a T.A.R.D.I.S. when you need one).


I have begun to purchase digital comic books for the very reason of saving space, but they have no value and I have trouble with this. I think that I shall continue to get these as long as they are free (even if I do have to rip off the sticker). I will also purchase a digital book of anything I own graded by CGC or a book that is out of my price range that I would like to read like Amazing Fantasy #15.

I think a digital copy is just a means to read a book and has no worth. The simplicity and accessibility is what appeals to me in this medium, but to have the actual comic book in my hands is part of what I like about collecting. My first love was Star Wars, my second was Comic books, but recently I have left the Star wars universe behind (not including the novels). I only have the means to collect the one.

My father finds it amazing that I have the ability to display my collection as I do. I wonder how he would feel if he saw what I could do with a larger space. I have an organization of sorts. I try to keep with that system because without it I would not know where any of the items would be. I have six full CGC graded boxes (with enough to fill three more), 40 (filled) half boxes, and 1 long box. I just recently purchased 2 more half boxes are currently empty. With another ten months of new releases for the year, two major conventions I plan on going to, and at least five smaller ones, these two boxes should be filled to capacity.

What is your scenario? Do you still live at home? Are you one half of a relationship and your spouse doesn’t understand your addiction? Is your space limited like mine?

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I used to have issues with this. My meager collection of 5,550+ comics were a pain to store and get to with traditional longboxes until I learned about Collection Drawers. These things have been the best thing for me!

With these boxes I can put put 20 longboxes in the same space 6 take up and still have full access to my collection.

Also, they have recently announced CGI boxes.

Check them out, they are a bit pricey but well worth it!

I remember when I first saw them advertised. I thought they were really cool but hate buying things sight unseen. Thank you for your input.

I kind of lucked out. When I first heard about them I wasn't sure but my LCS in Portland, OR. carried them so I was able to see them before buying them and I'm glad I did.

If there is anything I can tell you about them let me know. One thing I do want to mention is after my first set arrived and I put them together, I was so impressed with them that I emailed the company telling them what I thought and the next day I had a response. Not an automated one, no, one of the guys who runs the company responded personally. THAT impressed me!

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