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The Quest: WarZone Mini-Series Ft. Daniel Curtis Lee

Crimson Blur WarZone

What’s up comic fans? Crimson Blur here! We’ve been going through a lot of changes over at Comic Booked Studios and we wanted to take some time to learn and grow before we officially start Season 3 of The Quest. For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Quest follows the adventures of a young speedster named Crimson Blur and his quest to right his father’s wrongs and evolve into the hero he was meant to be. After 2 seasons of episodic writing, I felt like it was time to mix it up and do a mini-series so that we can all hone our different abilities, collaborate with talented artists like Daniel Curtis Lee, and truly prepare for Season 3.

As you can tell from our previous videos, we’ve learned quite a few new tricks. From camera techniques to new editing effects, we are constantly growing. WarZone was the perfect mini-series to let us try out our crazy ideas that we weren’t really sure would work. Along with growing as creators, we made a few awesome new friends that let us feature their music in our show. Our featured artist is Daniel Curtis Lee AKA Saint Maurice. You may know him from shows like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Zeke and Luther, and Glee. He is a stand up guy and it was a pleasure putting his music into our epic finale of WarZone. I hope to work with him in the future. (Hit me up Dan-D!)

Part I sets up the story and allows the viewer to get to know a little bit about each character that will be featured in the WarZone story arch.

Part II picks up almost immediately after the last scene of Part I. We introduced new opponents and gave this episode more of a comedic feel.

Part III pits the two most unexpected opponents against each other, but things don’t go Jade’s way…

I hope you guys enjoyed The Quest: WarZone brought to you by Comic Booked Studios! We are going to be doing one more mini-series before Season 3 comes out, but don’t worry! You’ll still get plenty of Crimson Blur action, only on Comic Booked.

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Dude this was such a great experience! I can't wait for our next mini series Volver Files!

I completely agree. We learned a lot from these 3 little episodes!

Awesome dude! Keep it up!


Good work, guys! Yet another quality video.

Blur your boy looks like Jack Black in that first video still. ­čÖé

LOL! He totally does! hahaha

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