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The Quest: WarZone Part I

The Quest: WarZone, Comic Booked Studios

It’s me BalbowskiNation, and I’m back with a brand new action packed video from Comic Booked Studios! No more boring interviews, it’s time for war. I just want to give a shout out to my Comic Booked Studios team members, you’ve really stepped it up since Season 2 and I want to applaud you for all of your hard work. For all the first timers out there, Comic Booked Studios brings a lot to the YouTube table. Our flagship series, The Quest, is our pride and joy. The Quest is a Super Hero Web Series centered around The Crimson Blur, a young adult that was given super speed by his father in order to fix his mistakes and save the world. If you haven’t checked it out already, click here to catch up on the series, otherwise…enjoy the fight!

Check out Crimson Blur and ME, BalbowskiNation! We're ready for Season 3.
Check out Crimson Blur and ME, BalbowskiNation! We’re ready for Season 3.

The Quest: WarZone is important in more ways than one. First of all, we want to give the fans a glimpse into our constantly evolving production process. Second, Colin Bass and I really want to hone our skills and practice new techniques we’ve never done before, while mastering old ones. We’ve got fire fists, new “Gotta Think Fast” graphics, character stats, and now for the first time ever, The Crimson Blur actually BLURS! These episodes will all end up tying in together to create a story arch that will give everyone a peek into what the world is like now in Season 3. So you can expect The Quest: WarZone to have three separate but intertwining story lines and we will try to get them out to the fans as soon as possible. On behalf of everyone here at Comic Booked, we hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to the channel. Enjoy!

I told you it was time for war! I for one, am very happy with the outcome. Does anyone have any guesses on the next 2 warriors?!

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