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The return of Comic Booked news!


Hello, everyone!  It is my pleasure as the Chief Creative Officer to announce the dawn of a new age here at Comic Booked…  Or, rather, the dawn of an older idea from a past age that is coming forward into the future, which is, sorta/kinda new-ish.  Yeah.  Ahem.  Anywho…

So if you haven’t heard yet, we’re bringing back the news team!  That’s right.  We’ll have the newest and freshest news pieces that range from comic books to movies to TV shows to video games and everywhere in between.  So be sure to check back and check back often for the newest updates on all of your favorite aspects of geek culture.  See you soon!

Also, before I let you go, let me give a special shoutout to someone on our team who doesn’t really get a lot of credit.  Todd Erwin is our Chief Designer and does a lot of hard work behind the scenes.  He designs all of our logos and helps us make the site look as great as it can every single day.  So here’s to Todd, the unsung hero of Comic Booked!  To see more of Todd’s work (like this spiffy new logo for our news pieces), check him out at or find him on various forms of social media.  Thanks, Todd!

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