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The Return of Greatness!

When I was younger cartoons were the center of my world, I got the toys, the movies, and more often then not the weapons that were in the series. My favorite toy being Lion-O’s sword of Thundera, yeah those were good times. Having a 7 year old nephew has shown me that cartoons nowadays aren’t what they used to be, and the ones that could be fun to watch are too adult for a 7 year old to really get. You don’t really have any leeway either, the show is either some teen show or a little kid show, I remember having Thundercats, Voltron, and my numerous superhero shows to watch. Thankfully someone heard the pleas of the younger and older generations wanting something to be that middle ground and in the next few years re-vamped versions of a few old favorites are coming out as well as a few new superhero shows that could very well be amazing. A new Thundercats, a new Voltron, and two brand new DC superhero series Green Lantern and Young Justice have all been announced in the last few months for 2011 or 2012. Seeing this makes my nerd heart happy simply enough for the chance that my nephew might now receive the gift of amazing cartoons, well that and a whole series about Green Lanterns will hopefully be pretty amazing.

Are you happy about all the new cartoons coming out? Which one looks the best? Which old cartoon was your favorite?

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Great post! I think what I find most difficult about cartoons today is that there are just too damn many of them. And it's on 24/7. It was a major event, something to look forward to, when cartoons would come on. Now, they are ALWAYS on. I know every sponge bob, backyardigans, wonderpets, etc…song, they are burned into my brain. Having 4 kids will do that to ya. Ha!

I still love the old school stuff, collect it, read it, watch it. GI Joe the movie was awesome. The cartoon one that is. With Cobra la and serpentor, man…good times!

I still get choked up when Optimus Prime gets smoked in the cartoon Transformers the Movie.

My friend, I do believe it's time for GI Joe and Transformers to get Comic Booked! I'm reading a ton of IDW right now, and the Joes and Autobots need some recognition…I guess some Cobra and Decepticons too. Cheers!

Yeah, I'll definitely try to get on so GI Joe and Transformers stuff, and Optimus Prime's death was a definite sad point in my childhood

Some of my favorite serial toons to watch on tv while growing up were X-Men the Animated Series, Batman the Animated Series… then more recently, Avatar: The Last Airbender caught my fancy to watch on a regular basis… the animation on that was pretty good, and I liked the elemental magic involved.

Back in the day, I also remember coming home from school and there would be several on from like 3pm on… Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Talespin, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, and Darkwing Duck.

Like Shrek movies, great animation movie.

Avatar is SOOO good. I bought my son the first season box set, and I watched it all that day. It was epic. Incredible animation, great storytelling, cool powers. Overall A+.

I remember darkwing, ducktales, etc…I remember playing the Duck Tales game for hours on Nintendo. I played it recently on a emulator, and man…it sucked! lol

That's an area we need to branch off to as well, gaming. Classic gaming for sure…so many great games out there that impacted my life growing up. I think I'll go through the NES games I have, maybe play every game out there. That will be an epic blog post!


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