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The Ruling Intelligence


Intelligence, when used for good, can create great good in the world. It can solve problems and make life more worthwhile. Intelligent people have the capacity to plan and then execute those plans with mind-boggling accuracy.

Much the same can be said about the characters in comic books, but because of the very nature of the comic book the intelligence that manifests itself in our favorite characters tends to be exaggerated and fantastical, making some of our most loved ideas very dangerous fodder for comic book tales.

In the world of Marvel, full of gods and magic where many have superpowers that outclass their opponents, we can find some of the most intelligent including Iron Man on the side of the heroes and Doctor Doom in the half dedicated to the brilliance of the villains.

Achieving the impossible is in the daily routine of these people, and you will probably have your own list of who is the cleverest, and why, but perhaps the list below will spark your thoughts offering you some time relishing your own, personal favorites.

To start our list is Arnim Zola who is a little different from most of the people who have usually made their name off their inventions or perhaps their knowledge of physics. Arnim Zola could just be the world’s foremost expert in biological science and this evil genius was one of the first who tampered and tinkered with genetic engineering after finding data which had been left behind by the ancient Deviants.


Zola fought Captain American during WW2 and survived by putting his own consciousness into the body of a robot. His genetic experiments challenge superhumans to the limit and he also has a talent for neurosciences.

Being able to control the minds of his creations and others besides having the ability to transfer minds and attack them makes him a truly terrible adversary.

Reed Richards as the leader of the Fantastic Four has to frequently use his wits to get out of some dangerous situations, and many times it has been that prodigal intelligence that has saved them. Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic was first seen back in 1961’s Fantastic Four #1. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee who wanted to create a great team of superheroes who were also a family.


The Fantastic Four had some memorable journey as they explored, surviving sometimes on only the intellect of Mr. Fantastic.

A lot of comic enthusiasts are in agreement that the title of the most intelligent man in the world is shared between Victor von Doom and Reed Richards, but then Reed has offspring and that title just might now be in danger.

Valeria Richards is the daughter of Reed Richards and Susan Storm and hails from an alternate timeline where she was fathered by Victor von Doom.


Powerless as such, but according to her father, by the time she hit 3 years old Valeria had already passed her super-intelligent daddy in intelligence. This means that she could quite easily surpass, in intelligence, something that could rival anything we have witnessed before.

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