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The Uncertain Futures of the Star War Movies?

Star War Movies

There was much euphoria prior to the release of Star Wars (Episode viii), and it was predicted that more episodes would be launched every year, at least for next few years to come. But after the release of Star Wars (The Rise of Skywalker, episode ix), this seems to be the final one in the projected future. According to a press release made by Lucas film, the next Star Wars trilogy was expected to begin by 2021. But the writers, who also happened to be the showrunners of Game of Thrones, have since left that deal with Lucas film, and the plan has been abandoned.

The story

The loss of the Benioff and Weiss trilogy makes the future of Star Wars grave. Rise of Skywalker is the last episode of Skywalker chronicle. Poor reviews and box office collection of Solo; A Star Wars Story, have possibly put the last nail on the coffin of further anthology Star War movies. In a radio interview at BBC Radio 4, Disney CEO Bob Iger admitted they had spoiled the market of Star Wars movie, by making too many films. What once was sweet both to the fans and producers has turned bitter and sour. Now he wants to follow the path of “less is more”.

The release of The Force Awakens (2015), Rouge One (2016), The Last Jedi (2017), Solo (2018) Rise of Skywalker (2019) have dampened the fan`s enthusiasm by releasing too much. The Disney CEO also feels that this sentiment is felt across the board. Now the focus has shifted to Star Wars TV shows, starting with The Mandalorian. A Cassion Ander prequel and new episodes of animated Star Wars series are expected to start streaming. Disney will not stop its effort to recreate and rejuvenate Star Wars episodes in a different manner and in different form.

With all the money that has been made after the Star Wars movies released between the main episodes of the Sky Walker saga, it is time to admit the audience has become exhausted and fed up from the stories of the galaxy miles, miles away. After the bleak and disappointing performance of both Rogue One and Solo, Disney and Lucasfilms have take some losses far more quickly than they would like to. But sometimes one learns in a hard way. It is certain that there is an over-saturation of Star War movies in the market place. Rogue One and Solo, forced Disney to revaluate the storyline which is supposed to be told on a big screen in a better, interesting and alluring way.

Summing up

The question is, can Star Wars stand up to the expectations of the audience, and can it deliver what a fan expects to be delivered. Star Wars is becoming more similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the CEO is mulling over a “less is more” philosophy, it is unlikely to reach the same level of market saturation of the Marvel cinematic Universe. For now, the future of Star Wars seems uncertain. Will it be able to evolve itself and fly like Sphinx? Will it be more than nostalgia? The hope and answer is “YES.” A little break is good. You can play any game like sbobet88 in between to eliminate the boredom.

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