The Wake #2 – Review

The Wake #2 Cover

The Wake #2 continues this 10-issue short-run series by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. If you haven’t read the first issue, I highly suggest you do so for two reasons. First, I’ll be referencing it and second, it’s really freaking good. We last left our characters deep in the sea, buried below the ocean, locked in a military style base camp. Dr. Lee Archer, our hero, was tricked into joining this mission and is hellbent on getting to the surface and back to the real world where her son is waiting for her.

This second issue of The Wake begins exactly where the first issue left off. We have discovered some incredible, unknown creature that looks quite a bit like a mermaid. The Wake #2 focuses on explaining where the creature came from and adds a little more as to why each person was chosen for this mission. I don’t want to give anything away so this review will be a little lighter than normal. This issue secures Dr. Archer as the lead, as if there was any question. She explains her theory of the creature’s existence, a theory that it turns out does have some basis in reality. I did a little research after reading and Snyder didn’t make this up out of thin air, which definitely adds to his already high respect score from me.

The Wake #2 Shark
The Wake #2 Shark

I do like this issue a lot and the story is incredibly compelling, but the second issue bounces around a bit too much. While the first issue had a couple of different timelines and stories in play, the jumping wasn’t jolting or disorienting. In The Wake #2, I found myself confused toward the end of the issue. I was forced to go back a couple of pages to make sure I had read it correctly. There is definitely a time gap toward the end of the issue and I truly hope it is explained next month. Other than that, the story isn’t difficult to follow and the characters are quickly solidifying themselves as individuals while the mystery behind the creature only grows, making me want more.

The illustrations, as I noted in my review of The Wake #1, are really fantastic. The sharpness and harshness to the illustrations provide a unique look and feel to this universe. Everything has a feeling of being reality, rather than complete fiction as is the case very often in superhero comic books. Sean Murphy really is doing a fantastic job. I didn’t notice any inconsistencies among the characters nor am I finding any errors or discrepancies in the scenes. The only thing I should point out, and this is not a negative, is that there is some adult content from a visual perspective. Don’t get your hopes up but there is a little bit of female nudity. Nothing obscene or offensive from my perspective but still, something to be aware of.

Remember, this is an adult comic. The cover even states, “suggested for mature readers”.  Up until now, I assumed that had to due to language or violence but either way, they aren’t keeping it a secret.

The Wake #2 Scuba Diver
The Wake #2 Scuba Diver

All in all, the story is beginning to come together and the back story The Wake #2 provides definitely helps solidify what has happened and why our characters were chosen. As long as some of the scene jumps are explained in the next couple of issues, this series continues to be very unique, powerful and intriguing. The Wake continues to be a refreshing break from the standard comic books I read. I am looking forward to next month’s issue. I wish it wasn’t such a short series.

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