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The Waking by Zenescope


Have you read any of Raven Gregory‘s stories?  Enjoyed zombie tales?  Heard of The Waking?  We have Raven’s story, The Waking review for you fans that are curious.  Jeremy has put together another review so that you can get a taste of what is offered in this comic.  We both agree that this is another must read!  And some awesome art too.

So, friends…anger be a powerful thing, especially after a tragic loss.  But what happens when that anger manifests itself into something more, something unworldly?  That’s what happens to a man named Jonathan Raine who is a broken man, who’s life was turned upside down due to a tragic event.

When does the  line become blurred between justice and revenge and when does it consume you to the point of no return?  The story centers around the narrator who tells his account of the horrific events that took place.


The Waking #1

A man named Jonathan Raine who’s holding a secret in his apartment.

The narrator is the main character of the story and he recaps the events that took place.  His partner Officer Vanessa Pelligrino and him investigate a hit-and-run, while two other detectives, Laurence Williams and Keith O’Brian investigate a grizzly murder of a medical professor.  With all the strange occurences happenings around the city, the dead seem to be rising up.

The Waking #2

Jonathan Raine is holding his door shut to keep whatever is inside from escaping.  The being on the other side begs to be released, but no matter how hard it tries, Jonathan won’t let it go.  Williams and O’Brian investigate the murder of medical professor Jeff Daniels and discover that it may be one of his own students.  They go to the student’s house for questioning, but find a violent and disturbing scene instead.

The Waking #3

The student has been brutely murdered by a unwordly creature and the two detectives draw their guns and try to take it out.  Bullets seem to have no effect on the creature.  The narrator and his partner are working downtown at the station, when they discover the identity of the car involved in the hit-and-run murder case.  They go and confront the man responsible, but they find something that should be dead is after him.  Jonathan shows up at the police station to turn himself in and to explain the occurence that are tearing the city apart.

The Waking #4

Battered and beaten, Vanessa and her partner recover from their battle with the undead creature that was chasing the man involved in the hit-and-run.  The narrator takes Jonathan into a room and starts to question him.  Jonathan explains the whole thing to him and tells him that the dead will keep on rising until they have found justice.  Vanessa and her partner go to the Jonathan’s apartment to find out what secret he had locked in the other room.  The two officers head back to the precinct only to find it surrounded by zombie-like creatures.  In a desperate act, Vanessa tries to stop the insanity.  The creature that escaped Jonathan’s apartment room tracks down its killer, find out what happens next!  Go pick up your copy of The Waking today.  Click here for zenescope’s site or your local comic store.

So friends, it would appear that this is not your typical zombie story.  I can tell you after reading it I had the coolest zombie dreams for days!  Together Jeremy and I can likely write a zombie survival book.

The Waking asks the question if it would be justified for the dead victims to come back and to kill their murderers. Sometimes justice is never found, but in this case, no matter where the murderers go their victims will find them.  Pushing the boundaries on horror storytelling, Raven Gregory pulls you in and never lets you go.  It’s an edge-of- your-seat thrill ride that you won’t want to end.  With pencils by Vic Drujiniu and colors by Mark Roberts, we get to see the visual spectacle that is, The Waking.  If you haven’t collected the single issues by now, pick up the trade paperback.  If you are horror fan, you will not be disappointed.

Raven has never disappointed us yet and as your Zenescope team, you have our word,

Jeremy “Doctor2285” Colwill-hoping you have fun reading and a Zenescopetastic Day.

As Always, keep your eyes where they should be, in a comic book~Smiles, Brieanna

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Comments (10)

Jeremy "Doctor2

Check out The Waking by Raven Gregory. It's a fantastic story and a little bird told me that this may not be the end. Stay tuned. 😀

This was a fantastic series, I've heard talk of a sequel, which would be amazing. One of the best things Raven has written in my opinion.

Brieanna Brock

Ray so true, except I'm very very excited for Fly. I love when he let's his mind go and takes on a new series!

Brieanna Brock

We're all excited for the continuation, if only he had a million hands and two minds to continually write with huh

Jacques Nyemb

That's a very interesting premise of the dead returning to kill their murderers. I'm gonna add it to my Comics shopping list 🙂

Leslie Anderson

So…what about the fact that none of the girls wear clothes and are anatomically impossible? Are we concerned about that stereotype in this 'non-typical zombie comic?'

Jeremy "Doctor2

You will not be disappointed Jacques. It's a fantastic horror story.

The premise sounds similar to Will McIntosh's short story Followed, which was recently made into a movie.

More in keeping with the George Romero mould though, in that it is a zombie story with social commentary in broad strokes.

Jeremy "Doctor2

Are you talking about the covers Leslie?

Leslie Anderson

Yes. I'll admit I haven't read them. I feel really uneasy picking up comics with covers like that.

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