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The Walking Dead #100: Who Is Lucille?


To go along with the other announcement on Tuesday, Image Comics has released the following teaser image for the upcoming The Walking Dead #100 which goes on sale July 11. Nothing more was given, perhaps taking a cue from the Marvel Teasers, who knows.

The question now is who, or perhaps what, is Lucille? Is she the leader of the group Rick has recently clashed with? Scarier still, would she be a counter point to Michonne? And speaking of Michonne, how about that exclusive SDCC McFarlane toy? Will she be on Rick’s side or perhaps the reason for this comment by writer Robert Kirkman who said the following about The Walking Dead‘s big issue: “…issue #100 is going to easily be the most gruesome, most violent, disturbing issue of The Walking Dead yet. So, be on the lookout. Yet, when I say that, I do remember all of the gruesome, disturbing and violent things that have happened in The Walking Dead thus far, so I promise I mean it.”


Let the speculation begin!

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