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The Walking Dead #90: Glenn Will Soon Regret His Decision

As always, there WILL be spoilers for the issue reviewed here. This book came out over a week ago so it’s my hope that anyone who is reading this has already read it.  If you haven’t read it, though…then you might want to stop reading this until you do. I will be talking about the things happening in this issue, specific things, and will be referring back to previous things.

The review begins after the cover shot for this issue.


The Walking Dead


Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard
Published by Image
Cover price $2.99

Everyone is pointing guns at everyone! Rick and his group return from searching the surrounding area for food and supplies to fins Nicolas pointing a gun at Glenn’s head!  Without hesitation, Rick pulls his gun on Nicolas and demands he puts his gun down. After the situation is defused Rick tells him that those within the Community need to help Rick and his group can provide, Rick and his have been in the world, they know what’s out there and are willing to do what’s necessary to prepare for it.  But Rick needs the extra people the Community provides to better prepare their situation and expand it.

After all this is settled, Rick is able to take Carl home and they have a father/son chat where Rick tells him he’d like him to be a kid, as much as he can. Naturally, Carl is confused by this after having gone through so much and putting up a brave front to impress his dad.  It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes. Personally, I don’t think Carl has any childhood left in him. He’s well on his way to being able to step up and take over if Rick were to die.

Besides these things we also have Maggie freaking out, she’s tired of always living in danger and having a gun pointed at her husband’s head may have been the last straw for her. But, how do you find security in a world where none seems to exist?
Abraham, so far a pretty cool character, has someone whispering in his ear about taking more of a leadership role…could spell more trouble.

Finally, something I’ve seen coming for a long time now: Rick and Andrea! Even though I suspected this would happen, seeing them kiss on the final page was still a shock!

Overall, this lull between ‘action issues’ seems to be longer than normal. I do understand that with The Walking Dead #100 coming in less than a year that Kirkman might be holding off on something major to make that milestone issue a true milestone but we need something to deal with until then. I’m still enjoying the heck out of this series and every issue still has one ‘Holy crap!’ moment, but I’m starting to hope for some action to break up the heavy drama here.
I do think that issue 100 will see out group split up. I don’t think Maggie is going to want to stick around and Glenn will, of course, go with her. I hope I’m wrong though!

Still, another great issue of this historic series.  Even the AMC program is still making waves!

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