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The Walking Dead on Spike TV Guys Choice Awards Tonight

Spike TV

This Wednesday at 9pm/8c, it’s Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards, with Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Andy Samberg, Key and Peele, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Models and more! Guys Choice. This Wednesday, June 11th at 9pm/8c, only on Spike!

To promote this great event, we are going to have a giveaway. More free stuff? For you, our loyal and loveable fans, of course we do. Plus, our giveaway is The Walking Dead Season One on DVD. So you will be able to pop in a DVD and jump over to my full episode reviews and follow right along with The Walking Dead on Comic Booked starting with Season One Episode One.

Spike TVYou may be asking yourself why is this a The Walking Dead themed giveaway? Because both Norman Reedus (Darryl) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) from The Walking Dead are up for 3 of the awards on tonight’s show! So, tune in to Spike TV and check out the Guys Choice Awards. And a big thanks to our friends at Spike TV.

Of course, this is what you really want to know about… HOW DO I WIN!?!?!?!

Contest Rules – All you have to do is like and comment on this article two things: First – Who is your favorite character on The Walking Dead, living or dead? Second – In the Zombie Apocalypse, what is your weapon of choice?

That’s it! So simple even a walker baby could do it. Well, maybe not a walker baby, but a child. Anyway, comment now, enter, and you could be a winner. The show is tonight, but I will give you till Midnight Eastern time on Friday to enter and I will draw the winners on Saturday, June 14, 2014.

Remember, watch the show, like and comment on this article with favorite character and preferred weapon, and come back here for The Walking Dead on Comic Booked.


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