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The Walking Dead Season 6 Official Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Walking Dead Season 6

There is really nothing more to say than WOW! Check out the new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 just released at San Diego Comic Con.

[youtube id=”Va1UPrFXHKA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Did you watch it? Are you excited? Let’s talk a little about what we see happening in the next season.

Morgan joins the community in the walled city, we saw that at the end of Season 5. He has some real reservations about what Rick has become, but he is no saint himself. He admits that they are both killers. We are shown, in the trailer, some true dissension in the ranks as the people are polarized between following Rick and standing behind Morgan. There is even more strife shown as Daryl doesn’t seem to agree with the way Rick wants to do things.

The Wolves will obviously make a show in this new season, maybe as Rick goes to team up with them in the hopes of using all the walkers they have corralled against the walled city. That may even be a crew of Wolves that has Daryl tied up… or they think he is on of the Wolves. “I’m not who you think I am.”

We see death as two members of “the group”, whatever that means now, are being buried by Abraham… Are they part of the group we have come to know well or just members of the city? Also, we see a sign for the city of Alexandria… the place we are pretty sure Noah was from.

So much to look forward to and speculate about. Was that Glenn in the pit of walkers being pushed up against the gate? Let us know who you think is the next to die.

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