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The Walking Dead: Spend S05E14

Walking Dead Season 6
This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a tough one. Many losses and even more revelations. By continuing to read you assume all risk of anything being spoiled.
This was an episode about turning points. Abraham’s was one of the best, because he was really having a hard time adjusting to this life inside the walls, he felt lost, and all he wanted was to leave… back to where he was before Eugene “saved” him. By the end of the episode, he had a new mission and he is perfect for it. Protecting, saving, being the first line of defense. He is a natural leader and he is the best choice to lead the expansion of the wall. It doesn’t hurt that he knows Rick and has been through a lot with the group.

Carol also took a bit of a turn in this episode, realizing that Sam wanted to spend time with her to get away from issues at home. It did not stop her from testing the kid and pushing him to do something bad in order to make him just as much at fault as Carol was when she took the guns. Now they have something in common and the can be “thick as thieves”.
Noah had a turn as he began to see a place for himself in Alexandria… of course then he turned into Walker chow. The scene at the revolving door was gruesome and sad, although not as sad as other deaths have been. I felt like Noah had not really been with the group long enough to make an impact, maybe because he never did anything.
We saw Aiden turn in his thinking as he revealed what had happened with the previous group. Of course being impaled on metal beams could make anyone recount their sins hoping for some redemption on the other side. Did the truth set him free?
And we saw the other guy, will call him the Running Man since I don’t care enough to remember his name or go look it up, turn and show his true colors as a coward. He was a part of Aiden’s posse and was most likely with the previous group that was killed and so was just as much at fault for panicking as Aiden. Now, his actions have cost another life.
Finally, we see Father Gabriel turn against those who saved him in an effort to hide his own sin. Just like Adam and Eve in the garden, the paradise that Gabriel said this was, he is striving to cover his own nakedness by diverting attention to things that other people have done. Will his sins come to light or will someone simply deal out the punishment?

What do you think were the best turns in this episode?

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