Fear Itself: The Home Front

Fear Itself!

Fear Itself: The Home Front

As Marvel’s Heroes take the plunge into the terrifying world unleashed upon them in the upcoming Fear Itself, we are privileged to see the “unsung champions” of this world take on the horror.

Often times in the midst of the big events, the readers do not get to see how the plot points affect the rest of the universe.  Sure we get Cap, Iron Man, and Cyclops’s take on the situation…but too many times that is inside baseball.  What does the normal person see?  What does the street-level hero do to help?  What does this cataclysmic, epic event even mean to the rest of us?

Fear Itself:  The Home Front is the answer.

Starting this April, Fear Itself: The Home Front gives you a front row seat to the biggest comic event of 2011, Fear Itself! By some of Marvel’s top creators, including Christos Gage, Peter Milligan, Mike Mayhew, Howard Chaykin and many more, Fear Itself: The Home Front pits the heralded heroes and unsung champions of the Marvel Universe against their own worst nightmares! The Marvel Universe is on the brink of being ripped apart and when all hope is lost, it’s up to Marvel’s greatest and bravest heroes to make a stand. Catch Fear Itself from every angle and join the fight as Marvel’s top talents take you on a series of globespanning, action packed adventures that will test the mettle of hero, citizen and villain alike!

“Building directly out of the global tide of fear and chaos of Fear Itself: The Home Front will feature stories both large and small of superhumans to regular joes as these momentous events divide friends, unite enemies and tear up the foundations of the Marvel Universe itself,” said series editor Lauren Sankovitch.

This spring, every denizen of the planet will be forced to face the same soul-shaking question: What Do You Fear? Even as a throng of gods and heroes battle the very personification of terror, a cast of thousands will confront the cosmic horror behind 2011’s most anticipated comics event, only in Fear Itself: The Home Front!


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It kind of sucks that Marvel is abandoning their "brighter days" with the Heroic Age story. They have gone back to the gritty and dark story, which has so far worked out great for them! I just wish I had a better Idea of what exactly the "Fear Itself" storyline is exactly about. Will the fallout of this storyline shape the Marvel universe like "Civil War" and "Siege" did? Or will just be an a look at the inner feelings (fears) of our beloved super hero's? Either way I can't wait for it.

Just read on Wikipedia that it will focus on a god of Fear (not Phobos, though he will appear) fighting our heroes with what they fear most.

The seeds of this were supposedly sowed 18 to 24 months ago.

Skott of Fables

The 'add on' books are being announced early.

I also question what this will do to the Heroic Age but I plan to tag along for the ride.

But I'm only getting the main book and the books I already collect. With the possibility of dropping Avengers and Deadpool and with Fantastic Four ending it looks like Thor and Amazing Spider-Man are all I will have.

This might be the cheapest event I've ever gone through!

I'm very interested in the last part of this solicit: Even as a throng of gods and heroes battle the very personification of terror, a cast of thousands will confront the COSMIC HORROR behind 2011′s most anticipated comics event, only in Fear Itself: The Home Front!


I saw that…Annihilus perhaps??? Or is Abnett and Lannings epic Space Opera FINALLY going to tie in to the rest of the 616?

Here's hoping!!

I find the book to look very interesting. I don’t get into books easily unless there very gripping lol.

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