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Things got Steamy in Lake Geneva’s former Playboy Mansion – Geneva Steam Convention 2015

cosplay corner geneva

Hugh Hefner planned parties at the ole Playboy Mansion, but nothing like Geneva Steam Convention’s Mid Winter Carnival on 6-8 March!   The first year steampunk convention started off friday with panels, vendors and everything prim and proper – but ended up with a PJ party in memory of all the ‘pajama parties’ previously held at the Grand Geneva in 1960-1970’s…  Victorian PJ’s sighted at Henry Osier’s pajama party were a just a ‘little’ different than the silk somethings Hugh had at his parties, but the hootenanny was still hoppin’!

Geneva39 pj party
Friday night PJ party hosted was by Henry Osier in loving commemoration of Hugh Hefner’s silk PJ parties!
Geneva1PJ party shenannigans
Something’s afoot!

Horse back riding, water parks, game room, talk of snake oil salesmen and flim flams padded both friday and saturday’s events.  Daily panels consisted of 19th Century weapons, Victorian mourning traditions, Victorian Mysticism talks, belly dancing, corset lacing lessons, meet and greet with local steampunk society leaders, melodrama galore and a Golden Miracle Show rounded out the daytime events.  Nighttime on Saturday was filled with DJ/music until the wee hours, a belly dancing show, Deadman’s carnival, hooch-koochy music and Victorian amusements that rallied the revelry, peaked the interest and bubbled the blood.

On site cosplay was tremendous and beautiful, quite a few women’s costumes and cosplays were created and sewn by The Duchess Collection – an extremely talented seamstress.  All around costuming was phenomenal with remarkable creativity and attention to detail on gadgets and steamery, quite impressive.  Happy to see a number of comic steampunk outfits, among them a great steampunk Wonder Woman, some Agents of Shield and Avengers to name a few.

Can’t talk about cosplay without mentioning photographers!  Geneva Steam Convention official crowd candid shots were craftily taken by David Sherman Gregg, he also donated this articles fantastic cover shot of belly dancers – gracias!  Scott Johnson at Realtime Portrait Studio did green screen shots all weekend – unique photo work and incredible steampunk themed backgrounds to choose from!

Reasonable vendors had great product directly related to steampunk/Victorian  costuming and cosplay available.  Katy J’s Jewelry was as beautiful as is it’s owner, she is a total sweetheart!    Con favorite was a Victorian barber shop – selling vintage type shaving gear that was not only gorgeous but fully functional.  Elysium Armory and Highwind Steamworks had some fantastic leather work that was affordable and looked great!  Well crafted leather pouch construction, goggle work and gadgets to buy and use immediately!

Melinda Mitchell, what a stupendous success with your first convention – thank you for choosing steampunk!  Classicly put together, attendees could totally tell the  labor of love was a win from begin!  Can’t wait ’til next year!

Note to Cosplayers:  If you’re getting into steampunk or already into the niche genre, this is an opportunity to attend a reasonably priced convention in a great location not too far from Milwaukee or Chicago.   Costumes are appreciated – with cosplay, role play and crossplay accepted and encouraged.  Keep on radar for next year!

Fantastic Frozen cosplay! Lovely!
Photo courtesy of David Sherman Begg
Photo courtesy of David Sherman Begg
What a fantastic idea!!! He actually made that apron himself out of tin material! Love the barber cosplay!
Victorian swim gear – great!!
Lord Bobbin was seen with beautiful costumes and such great friends!
Katy J’s Jewelry’s owner and designer – Katheryn, the loveliest and most beautiful woman ever! Plus… who doesn’t love a suffragist? Love her costume!!!
Genevasnow sculpture
Lake Geneva hosted some of the country’s best ice sculptures!
Greg Jensen and Susan Hooper – she is an extremely talented juggler, stilt-walker, fire breather, clown, balloon creator, etc… Greg is an expert costumer and all around nice guy!
Luv these costumes!!!
Wait… how did Dum-Dum Doogan get in here?
Wonderful costumes, well put together!
Whoa! Let the feathers fly!
Adorable fox and fairy!
Fantastic, right out of Downton Abbey!
Lovely time at the Ball!
Melinda Mitchell – Geneva Steam Convention Grand Marshall hard at work – with her handsome and supportive hubby!
Awesome gun, perfect cosplay!
Great group!
Great entertainment at the Grand Ball!
A little bit of ribbon can do more than I thought!
Excellent group having fun – great costumes and wait… is that Dapper Deadpool photo bombing? That guy is everywhere!
Lovely ladies steampunking it out!
Gears and gadgets display!
Lovely ladies leather work!
Amazing display of gadgetry and gizmos! This is so incredible! Luv it!
Geneva29 founders
Two absolutely incredible people! Power couple Bridget Sharon, Founder and President of Milwaukee Steampunk Society and Sam Perkins-Harbin, Founder of Chicago Steampunk Society.   Adorbs!
Geneva29 vendor
Highwinds Steamworks proprietor Jeff Platt
Geneva30 creator
Geneva Steam Convention coordinator Melinda Mitchell – corsets up!
Lovely ladies!
Standing tall and on guard!
Fantastic costume creator/fabricator, Heather, of The Duchess Collection (middle), very nice lady and wonderfully  talented!
Love the colors, love the cosplay, love the couple! Very sweet!
Geneva36 panel talk
One of the many panel talks – very detailed and informative
Great costumes
Delightful and delovely!
Love the outfits
Vintage military crossed over into airship uniforms – love it!
Great Sheriff cosplay
This was magnificent in person – a pic just doesn’t do it justice !


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Thanks so much for the kind words! It was really an incredible weekend. Can’t wait for next year!

Sharon Yildiz

I enjoyed seeing all the great photos. I was only at Geneva Steam on Saturday night (which was spectacular), but missed seeing all the costumes from the other days. It was great getting to see them here, as well as to read your supportive and kind captions about each. I look forward to your coverage of future steamy events. (P.S. love your own costumes–superb!)

It was a good, laid back weekend. Can’t wait for next year. It should also be noted, Madison is also nearby. Not sure why people keep forgetting that. Lastly, I happen to think the both for Otter Leatherworks was one of the better, reasonably priced vendors at this con. Hope to see them again!

Thanks! How sweet! Can’t wait for next year too!

Awesome, thanks! Next year will be great for all the events!!!

I was wondering who was taking photos and not telling people that they were going to be on a website. I have a publication and everyone knows what we do. I feel like whoever took the photos should at least tell us their intentions. I’m a bit miffed. Who are you people and why are you hiding and not telling us what you are doing?

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