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All Things Writerly: 20 Words Worse than Moist

Disgusting Words

Moist is one of those universal words that just makes people cringe.  It is.  It has been.  And it will always be.  But there are plenty of other disgusting words where that came from.  So here they are, in no particular order.  Try and get through the list without shuddering.  I doubt you can.  (It helps if you say them aloud while reading.)

1. Secrete

2. Orifice

3. Maggots

4. Panties

5. Hefty

6. Bulging

7. Squirt

8. Penis

9. Curdle

10. Fetus

11. Jowls

12. Phlegm

13. Lubricate

14. Develop

15. Bulbous

16. Veiny

17. Seepage

18. Ointment

19. Lozenge

20. Colon

Gross Words

Did you make it?  Congrats.  Sorry for ruining your day.  On the flip side: You’re welcome for making your day.

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