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All Things Writerly: Independent Comic Spotlight

Creator Owned Comics

Every once in a while, someone sends me a comic to read, enjoy, and promote.  Now, I usually don’t do these types of articles because, to be completely honest, most of the time it’s a digital comic, which I detest.  Or a Kickstarter, which I don’t really understand (even though I’ll be seeing the new Veronica Mars movie because Kristen Bell is uncanny and adorable).

But I digress.

Usually I leave said comics up to either Skorpio Moon or Aaron Clutter in a Kickstarter profile, a full indy comic review, or their ongoing (and quite excellent) column, Small Press Sunday.  You should be checking those out if you’re not usually doing so.  But like I said before, some times folks realize my dislike for reading comics on my tiny phone or my crappy laptop that goes haywire doing anything beyond word processing and Facebook creeping, and they send me actual, real-life physical comics.  So I’ll be doing reviews of said comics.  I’ve got a stack right next to my writing chair, so I’ll be starting those very soon.

So check back often for my own Independent Comic Spotlights.  And if you’re interested in getting your comic reviewed by me, please send me an email at for further details.  See you all very, very soon for what will most assuredly be a fun adventure.  If nothing else, it’ll be nice to praise the work of creators who don’t all work for DC Comics.

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