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Thor: Ragnarok Teaser

Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok

Okay, that got my attention.

That’s what a teaser trailer is supposed to do..

Well, in talking about the Thor Ragnarok teaser, I guess the first thing to emotion is that fans needed to see this one; they needed to see images in motion. That’s because the still photos that the studio have peppered all over the web from this movie have been odd, to say the least. The lettering of the title logo (usually these logos are the first thing that Marvel Studios will let us see) seemed like it would be better positioned to introduce a hypothetical video game tie-in from 1987, all 8-bit and retro. Then came the actual photos, which made it seemed like the Thor characters had all strolled onto the set of Guardians of the Galaxy , which was being filmed on the same sound-stage. Seeing the characters in motion in this teaser didn’t change that. And yes, Jeff Goldblum (the single greatest actor of all time, and for all eternity to come) still looks utterly ridiculous. Here, we learn that he’s the games-master running the gladiatorial showdown where Thor and the Hulk will have their showdown…

Getting ahead of myself. What grabbed my attention is that Hela, played by Cate Blanchett, destroys Thor’s hammer in the first few second of the trailer. Couple that with the “The Immigrant Song” (the single greatest song of all time, and for eternity to come..) and the Ragnarok trailer has everyone’s attention..

So, what’s my problem? Well, they already kind of showed their two aces, already, and in my mind I kind of am already sketching how the story will progress form the loss of his hammer on Asgard to the prison and back to Asgard. Yes, for all of the surprises in the trailer, I’ll be damned if the movie itself surprises me by the time November comes  around.

Personally, I think that it’s possible that the ridiculous color choices here are made to simply stand out against the colorless aesthetic of November’s other comic book movie release, Justice League. Just a guess.

Bottom line: awesome teaser to what will probably be just another comic book movie, one that will rely a bit too heavy on charm rather substance.

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