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Throne of Atlantis Event: Aquaman #14

Aquaman 14

Aquaman 14
Geoff Johns, Pete Woods, Pere Perez

Throne of Atlantis Prologue

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!

We have reached a turning point in the comic realm. Hell hath frozen over. This is not a hoax… Not an imaginary tale: Aquaman, the water guy, is cool. Let me repeat that. Arthur “Aquaman” Curry, the guy who talks to fish and gets made fun of on Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and inside almost every comic store on the planet, is cool.

Aquaman Family

In this prologue to the soon to be epic Throne of Atlantis storyline, Geoff Johns is continuing to prove why he is one of the top dogs at DC. He’s doing the unthinkable yet again, taking “old” or “dated” characters and making them fresh, new, and most importantly, relevant. The art team of Pete Woods and Pere Perez is fantastic. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this pairing, but I was made into an immediate fan when I noticed the almost cinematic feel to this whole prelude story. Though not a whole lot happens in this issue, it plants the seeds for the future story to come. And it’s going to be pretty freaking sweet.

A flashback sequence that shows pirates getting their asses kicked by Atlanteans and a modern-day story that shows Black Manta out-smarting and out-sassing Amanda Waller are nicely weaved in and out between an almost Shakespearean catch up session between Aquaman and his brother, the reluctant current King of Atlantis. Plotting is happening in the shadows. Ancient artifacts are being stolen. And the tides of war are brewing… And I am pumped to see Johns lead this event into the main Justice League title and finally give Aquaman the respect he deserves, both by comic book loyalists and new fans alike. Go get this issue right now.

My Rating: 4/5

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Comments (3)

Arthur Curry a badass? Okay, I think it's about time I finally check out Aquaman. I've been hearing nothing but good things about the character since the start of The New 52. Still don't know why I haven't picked any issue up yet but what the hell, this event seems like a good jumping on point.


Now's a great jumping on point!


wait what? when did Pere Perez end up on Aquaman? How did I miss that?


I could be wrong, but I think it was just for this prelude issue. He was pretty good on this book, so hopefully we'll see him return soon.

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