Throne of Atlantis Event: Aquaman 17

Aquaman 17 Picture 1

Aquaman 17
Geoff Johns, Paul Pelletier

Throne of Atlantis Epilogue

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!

The problem with epilogues, especially with comic books in particular, is that they almost always just sort of feel like fluff or filler. Though this particular epilogue is well-written and has decent enough art (Paul Pelletier is slowly growing on me), Geoff Johns ends his epic Throne of Atlantis crossover event with sort of a whimper. This is fine, because we all know that Johns currently has his hands in just about every important DC Universe storyline in the works right now, but still, I felt a little bit cheated. We had such a great ending to the event with last week’s conclusion in Justice League, which, if you remember correctly, also had several epilogues within its own pages. Or, to be more specific, several cliffhangers setting up things to come.

Even though this is an epilogue, it is still far from bad. In fact, it’s actually still quite good. It accomplishes what I wanted, but I think Johns has just spoiled us as readers so many times that we have to learn to appreciate the quiet issues every now and then. Not every single issue can have a giant climax that changes the status quo. Sometimes there needs to be fallout. Sometimes there needs to be some closure. And sometimes, a filler issue is sometimes just that. But the best part about the New 52 as a line is that even the lesser issues are still in a league of their own compared to every other superhero title on the stands today. And I proudly stand by that statement, almost two years into their (re)launch. Especially with their continued use of teamwork amongst all editors and creators. The shared universe has never seemed so real.

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Now, I’ll be honest. I’m a little biased every single time Amanda Waller makes an appearance, especially when she’s being bitchy and manipulative, so the fact that she acts like Aquaman’s friend to his face and then immediately arrests Mera when he returns to his new post as King of Atlantis makes me giddy. I mean, come on. The Wall putting people in their place, whether directly or indirectly, in their own book? What’s not to love? So even though not a lot happens in this issue, we are given hints that Orm might be executed, Atlantis might be on the United Nations’ collective shit list, and Aquaman might be growing a king beard. And you know what? That’s enough for me. I’ll be sticking with this title and Johns for as long as they’ll have me as their reader. And I’ll gladly report, recap, and review their efforts for all of you out there.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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