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Throne of Atlantis Event: Unofficial Crossover Checklist

Unofficial Crossover Checklist Picture 1

Unofficial Crossover Checklist

Throne of Atlantis


How about that cliffhanger last issue? Pretty nuts. But just because there is no Throne of Atlantis official crossover for an entire month, rest assured, there’s lots of stuff still available on the stands to help you get your Aquaman fix. I offer up this solution to your water woes: An unofficial crossover checklist. That’s right. These are the stories before the story. Pick them up while you still can, and join me again next month for the continued review series covering the already legendary event.

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Aquaman 0, 1-13
Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis

The story that started it all, this is the one where we are introduced to a newer, edgier, and more realistic version of the classic character that we all have come to know and love over the last year or so in the new DC Universe. This is the story that took advantage of readers’ reluctance to like a character seemingly only famous for being the butt of jokes at his expense on shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy. The art is some of the best in the medium, and the writer shows his passion month in and month out. The first part is called The Trench. The second part is called The Other League. And the stories feature the new and updated origin of Aquaman and his nemesis, Black Manta. Also available in trade paperback (issues 1-6) and still on the stands now if you hurry (issues 0, 7-13).

My Rating: 4.5/5


Justice League 0, 1-14
Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Tony S. Daniel, Gary Frank

A flashback story featuring the origin and formation of the original Justice League. This story captures the meeting of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and their leader, Aquaman fighting the forces of Darkseid and a new villain, all under the watchful eye of Steve Trevor. The first arc is called The Heroes Journey. The second part is called The Villains Journey. And the backup stories, as well as the flashback issue, feature the first appearance of the new Captain Marvel, now referred to as simply Shazam! Also available in trade paperback (issues 1-6) and still on the stands now if you hurry (issues 0, 7-14).

My Rating: 4.5/5


Justice League International Annual 1
Geoff Johns, Dan Jurgens, Dan DiDio, Jason Fabok

A story that ended one Justice League and paved the way for a new one, caused a rift for the old one, and showed that maybe Batman isn’t as in charge of all of his contingency plans as he would like the rest of the team to think. Still available on the stands now if you hurry (issue annual 1).

My Rating: 4/5

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