Throwback Thursday-The Quest: WarZone Part I

Crimson Blur, The Quest, Colin Bass

Welcome to the first ever Throwback Thursday brought to you by Comic Booked! As you may or may not know, we’ve been working really hard on our current web series, Young Justice: Abduction. In between the YJA episodes we’ve been working on a brand new mockumentary style of series coming out called, The Apartment. But in honor of Throwback Thursday we are taking you back to the beginning…back to the days of The Crimson Blur. This is the first of a 3 part series called, The Quest: WarZone.

The Quest was the first series we ever worked on and boy did we learn A LOT. Usually the hard way…but we enjoyed the crazy ride. We have two seasons of The Quest along with some shorts, but WarZone was our last story line for our old friend Crimson Blur. The plot of WarZone is simple. Jade Sorcerer, the evil wizard who has been switching sides since the beginning, is summoning heroes and villains to fight to see who is the best. Why? You’ll have to watch part III to find out.

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