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Thursday’s Valiant Effort #8 (Video)

Valiant Effort

Thursday is the best day for Valiant! This week, Thursday’s Valiant Effort pulls books from last week and this week  from  Valiant Entertainment. Five books this week, so check out our video.


[youtube id=”VC36v8O7Lqo” width=”620″ height=”360″]


This week we cover books released July 15th and 22nd, Book of Death #1, Legends of the Geomancer #1, and Fall of Bloodshot, but also reviewing Dead Drop #3 and Ivar, Timewalker #7.   As you can see we really jump straight into the Book of Death story that is now going strong as an epic event for the Valiant Universe.  Also we review and talk about the limited incentive book Legends of the Geomancer. Let us know what you think of how this book was released.

Giveaway Alert!!!  Make sure you watch the video for details on how you can win Valiant minmates!

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