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Valiant Effort

The Armor Hunters series has been quite an exciting up and down ride for the characters of the Valiant Universe. This all began as a hunt for the X-O Manowar armor and continued as an all out war against the hunters spanning several different books.

Valiant EffortArmor Hunters #3 – Part 3 of Armor Hunters. In Western Nebraska, Aric tries to protect his people, the Goths, from the destructive force of the Armor Hunters, beings who have come to Earth to destroy the X-O Manowar armor, at any cost. This is not their first rodeo, as they have made their way across the universe eradicating the plague of armors that they consider evil parasites worth destroying planets over. Deep inside M.E.R.O., the Military Extraterrestrial Reconnaissance Outpost, an acid spitting dragon is calling for the release of Malgam, a man who is merged with another armor just like the one that Aric wears. When I say marged, I mean that half his body has actually become the armor. Very strange. Bloodshot is attempting to help while Livewire is directing comms and surveillance. They all escape to the Love Boat, their escape ship. Ninjak and Gilad have stopped the hounds in Italy and head off to London. As we reach the halfway point in this story, will the humans be able to fend off the Armor Hunters? My Rating: 4/5

Valiant EffortArmor Hunters: Bloodshot #2 (of 3) – Bloodshot is one tough soldier, but how will he fare against Lilt, the insectoid Armor Hunter sent to retrieve Malgam? As the rest of the M.E.R.O. team prepare to vacate their base and escape aboard the Love Boat, Bloodshot focuses his considerable skills and durability against Lilt’s acid spit and spiky tail. This is a fight that should not be missed and could spell the end for either Bloodshot or one of the Armor Hunters. There is a part three, but that does not mean that Bloodshot won’t get pretty messed up in the process. But all the nanite driven killer needs is a protein shake to fix him right up. A cool continuation of this awesome crossover. My Rating: 4.5/5

Valiant EffortArmor Hunters: Harbinger #2 (of 3) – Mexico City is a smoking crater after the massive Armor Hunter Gin-Gr sent a blast from space that decimated the city, killing millions. The Renegades head south of the border along with Generation Zero to help care for the survivors of this catastrophe. As the teams explore the area around the strange dome, they find some pretty interesting stuff. On the way to meet up with Animalia, Faith, and Torque, Generation Zero comes across a naked pregnant woman, one who seems to be exhibiting psiot powers. The whole team heads underground to find out just what sort of terrible thing the Armor Hunters have unleashed on the earth. Will they survive as what’s left of the government of Mexico City prepares to retaliate and the mystery horror prepares to hatch? Either way, it should be a great story. My Rating: 4/5

Valiant EffortUnity #10 – An Armor Hunters crossover. This issue we find out a bit about the hunter name Gin-Gr, the giant robot creature that recently destroyed Mexico City. It is clear that Gin-Gr, a member of a once peaceful race of cosmic beings traveling the universe, watched as her entire race was destroyed by asteroids in a freak accident. She floated, still alive but unable to move, until she was found by the Hunters and given the weapons and mission that she now follows. In Peru, Gilad and Ninjak are trying to destroy the hounds that the Hunters released before they kill any more innocents. This is easier said than done. Will our resilient heroes survive and destroy these evil monsters? Read it and find out. a pretty quick read from Matt Kindt. My Rating: 3.5/5

Valiant EffortX-O Manowar #28 – The origins of the Armor Hunters continues. This has been an interesting storyline so far, as we have seen Reebo and Malgam go from bounty hunters to joining a special military force determined to wipe out this infection. The armors are seen as destructive forces that have to be eradicated and Reebo and his teem, despite heavy casualties, have successfully completed their first hunt. As their battles continue, they lose more recruits and add new ones to their ranks. Each hunt is different, some armors are destroyed, some escape, and some are lost. Find out more about who the Armor Hunters are and what happened to Malgam. My Rating: 4/5

That’s probably enough for one dose. I will have another article up this week to close out Armor Hunters and start into the regular Valiant content as some great stuff is lined up to come down the pike and I have about a month of books to catch up on. I hope you enjoy these short reviews and it stimulates you to check out these great titles from the Valiant Universe. Also, you can check out my previous reviews of all the Valiant Comics right here.


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