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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: February 13, 2014

Valiant Effort

With Valentine’s Day looming tomorrow, Thursday’s Valiant Effort strives to bring you something you love. More Valiant Comics reviews and news! We have two books to look at this week and some news about the new Valiant First initiative from our friends at Valiant Comics. On to the reviews.

Thursday's Valiant EffortEternal Warrior #6 – With the continuation of the “Eternal Emperor” storyline, Grek Pak and Robert Gill, along with the whole art team, tells us a story of the future. It’s 4001 A.D. and Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, has set of from his dying village with his grand daughter, Caroline, to find the source of the deadly robot that killed so many of the people he loved. As they enter Big Town, they find people forced into slavery under a masked figure called “The Boss.” Caroline insists that Gilad free the slaves, but he doesn’t act until she is taken from him by the slavers. The action in this issue is really cool, even to the point of Gilad fighting two giant robots. What’s not to like about a giant robot fight? In the end, it is pretty clear that Gilad has taken on way more than he bargained for. There are bad things at work in Big Town and, as Gilad soon discovers, even “The Boss” has a boss. I recommend this story, even if you don’t read any other Valiant comics right now, but you should be reading them all. I love this cover and the way that Lewis LaRosa has Gilad looking like Don Quixote ready to joust the windmills. In a way, isn’t that just what this story is all about? A man of chivalry, a knight of the old ways, trying to do right in a messed up world.

Thursday's Valiant EffortHarbinger #21 – Last issue the Renegades caught up with a kid who has hit Harada right where it hurts, by releasing a ton of information on the goings on of Project Rising Spirit by hacking his systems. Peter and his psiot crew of Renegades are helping @x hideout. This issue they take @x, or Octavia since that is his real name, back to their underground lair, a prohibition era speakeasy off some old sewer tunnels. Octavias has been through a lot in his life and being found by the Renegades, all of whom he has read about in the Rising Spirit documents he leaked, was like finally finding his place in the world. While the team is feeling a little cooped up, Peter works with @x and Kris to formulate a plan of attack. Meanwhile, Charlene and Torque get drunk and Faith gets lucky. However, Monica Jim puts the team’s hideout at risk by sneaking out. There is a reckoning coming, so check this out. Joshua Dysart and Clayton Henry have put together a great comic here and I really enjoy this one.

The big news last week was Valiant First and the news that Rai #1 will be coming soon. You can check out the news article for a full list of other new comics coming this year from Valiant, some ongoing and some miniseries. This week I will leave you with this great piece from Valiant highlighting some of the new books coming soon.

Thursday's Valiant Effort

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