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Thursday’s Valiant Effort: March 13, 2014

Valiant Effort

Another great week in the comic book world! This Thursday’s Valiant Effort brings you two awesome reviews and whatever news I can scrape up about coming events. The big one that I want to give you a preview of this month is the 48-page spectacular 25th issue of X-O Manowar coming in May, 2014. But first, the reviews,

Thursday's Valiant EffortBloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corp #20 – Continuing “Mission: Improbable.” Watch as Bloodshot subdues Archer, and Armstrong gets really drunk… Well, that last part is just old hat for this series, but there is something different about this booze. Must be all the roofies. Find out what happens when Project Rising Sun gets a hold of Archer. I really enjoyed seeing the lengths that Armstrong will go to just to save his little buddy and not break his promise to always be there for him. Down to riding in a little “Shriner” car. That was awesome. This series is one of the best among a line of awesome comic books put out by Valiant. If you are not reading all the Valiant Comics titles, you really should be. Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart write such a great story and the art and colors of Tom Raney and Gina Going just make me want to come back to this book every month. Follow this continuing storyline in Archer & Armstrong #19.

Thursday's Valiant EffortUnity #5 – Starting a new story arc, “Trapped by Webnet.” After dealing with the threat that Aric of Dacia posed to the world, the Unity team now joins Aric, true owner of the X-O Manowar armor, for a new mission. Ninjak, Aric, and Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, meet to discuss an early “super” team created before World War II to have true super-soldiers. Early experiments with nanites and artificial intelligence did not end well, since the subjects exhibited psychopathic tendencies and had to be destroyed. Now it seems that the team is focused on a new enemy, Augustus Silkowski or Dr. Silk. HE bought a town, began operations in a factory producing toys, and now all the people can say is “silk.” Oh, did I mention they are all exhibiting extreme psychopathic tendencies? Meanwhile, Livewire is in trouble, having hacked into Silk’s system, but now she is in real trouble. Find out what happens in this awesome series from the team of writer Matt Kindt and art team of CAFU and Brian Reber.

Coming in May, X-O Manowar #25 is a star-studded event. This issue marks the start into Year 3 for all the Valiant series and is going to be packed full of goodies. Check out all the amazing stuff below.

Thursday's Valiant Effort

That’s it for this week. Remember that X-O Manowar #23 is the first prelude to Armor Hunters, the big Summer event from Valiant Comics. Valiant Comics has one of the best and easiest to keep up with universes in the comic industry. Join me here each week for a review of all current books and remember, Read Valiant First!

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